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Remember when getting milk was a problem? Exactly, well with this mod, all your problems will be gone and you can stack up on ice cream to cool you off in the hot summer days! Just grab the nearest razor, wait till the beast falls asleep and then go for them titties and milk them dry.

When can I milk it again?

You can milk the goats every 2 days.

How can I know I can milk it?

If you are near them when they get ready to be milked, they will get a shock animation, but won't be in their charged state (while in charged state, their fur is fuzzy). Another way to check if they're ready, simply inspect the goats with the razor equipped.

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What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Added a craftable bucket, it has 7 uses, and is the tool used to milk, razors don't work anymore.

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