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I'm take this mod from DS and make it's work in DST.


Build a lightning rod on the ground and open it with the left key, planting after you pressing "Do" button,

Each will spend 1 nightmare fuel ( you can change nightmare fuel amount in configure )

8 kinds of plants can be planted:









You can turn off shake screen when planting in Configure.

The bug:

If you planted dug_berrybush you can not into them and get the berries.But I can tell you how to solve this problem.

The following:

Digging 3 or 4 of them like picture 2 then you can get the berries.

Have fun!

All credits to @ziyuan2013


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Maybe you should count the amount of plants the player has, and based on that, vary the density based on the available plants.


Also it seems cheaty if you can use one bush and one nightmare fish to make a working farm of easily ~50 bushes. Requiring the bushes beforehand would balance it.

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Oh man, anyway this could be made it into a planting pattern script to use? The perfect circles are mesmerizing to look at.

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Hey, for me whenever I play this mod and I place a lighting rod it crashes the game and whenever I try to join my world again it just crashes again...The only solution is to disable the mod..Can you please upgrade the mod or something? I really liked the ideea of farming for 10 ( I wanted 20 but there is no option) nightmare fuel risking not being ready for winter but having some advantage later on but this mod is just not working...

PLEASE update it, fix it or something..


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It doesn't work for me too. My server crash when I build lightning rod (when I play with friends). But when I play alone in DTS (I tested the mod), it works perfectly

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