Diggable Reeds [Live & Future] (w/ French Translation) 0.04

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This is my second modification for the game, I wanted to be able to move reeds like other harvestables to allow for better map optimization. There wasn't a way to do this without creating a mod for it, so I dug in and created something very generic.


1) Dig up a reed.

2) Click on the 'dug reed'.

3) Right click the target location. (Must be on marsh/swamp land.)

4) Fertilize and wait for them to grow. (This is to prevent spamming of cut reeds.)


1) Extract files into the mod folder.

2) Enable the mod in game, under the mods screen.

3) Enjoy your game.

Special Thanks

zeidrich: Helped me get the image of the new "dug reed" to show up properly.

_Q_: Gave me valuable insight to modding.

John2022: French Translation.

What's New in Version 08/17/13 11:13 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Thanks a lot for the mod really, is so nice to have the chance to relocate the reeds in a clear spot of the swamp and making a question, whats the name of the item when you have dug reed i mean in console does exists?.


And again thanks a lot

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