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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. Here is the link to the drop box which will keep the Mod Tools updated for those that do not have Steam. http://is.gd/ds_mt
  2. I am working on creating a Dropbox share linked directly to my Steam Account, so anytime you guys update the tools, they will automatically be updated under my Dropbox. I will share the link as soon as it gets done uploading.
  3. Plantable Rabbit Hole

    Version 0.05


    Introduction: This is my very first modification for the game, I wanted to be able to move rabbit holes inside pins closer together to allow for better map optimization. There wasn't a way to do this without creating a mod for it, so I dug in and created something very generic. HowTo: 1) Trap a rabbit. 2) Click on the rabbit. 3) Right click the target location. 4) Wait until the delay timer starts. (This is to prevent spamming of rabbit holes.) Installation: Pre 1) Delete current "plantable_rabbit_hole" folder in the mods folder, if installed. 1) Extract files into the mod folder. 2) Enable the mod in game, under the mods screen. 3) Enjoy your game.
  4. Version


    GT Combat Conditions is a new modification I have been working on to increase the amount of conditions the game brings you. I have finished working on the very first condition and I am releasing it for beta testing to the public! Change Log: Installation Known Bugs: Notes: Authors/Special Credit: Discussion can be found HERE>>
  5. Version 0.04


    Introduction: This is my second modification for the game, I wanted to be able to move reeds like other harvestables to allow for better map optimization. There wasn't a way to do this without creating a mod for it, so I dug in and created something very generic. HowTo: 1) Dig up a reed. 2) Click on the 'dug reed'. 3) Right click the target location. (Must be on marsh/swamp land.) 4) Fertilize and wait for them to grow. (This is to prevent spamming of cut reeds.) Installation: 1) Extract files into the mod folder. 2) Enable the mod in game, under the mods screen. 3) Enjoy your game. Special Thanks zeidrich: Helped me get the image of the new "dug reed" to show up properly. _Q_: Gave me valuable insight to modding. John2022: French Translation.
  6. Show us your camp!

    Yeah those..if you have any on your map and haven't explored past them I highly encourage you to do it. On one map I had 113 honey combs, which consisted of mainly 'wasp nests', which was protecting my wooden thing.
  7. Show us your camp!

    Do you have any killer bee traps on your map? If you do you might have to run through them to get to the other side where I have found the wooden thing to be located many times.
  8. Show us your camp!

    Only take what you need for the day from your food source and you won't worry ever about spoiling food. Agree'd but, other characters you only really need 1.
  9. Show us your camp!

    You only really need 1 gear, and you can get it from the graves, that is where I get mine at least. Other than storing seeds, the only reason to really need an ice box is if you aren't going to be at your base and are afraid of Lureplants eating all your stuff.
  10. Then your mods were not using .tex files which some mods do not, however the majority of them do which is why I stated that.
  11. No they do not. Only Powers modifications works with the update; this is due to a change in how mods for the game work.
  12. PIIIIISSSS : Deer clops spawns after waking up

    He won't stay frozen forever, but you can continuously refreeze him if you want to try to wait it out. You need a few frost staffs though.
  13. About the lureplant

    [MENTION=5551]_Q_[/MENTION]It's on a one by one basis, it's the exact same reason why I had to create my own methodology for controlling multiple poisoning effects on a creature with my combat conditions mod. [MENTION=7386]gregj08[/MENTION] I normally plant multiple spider dens next to pig villages I create, which contains about 15-20 pig houses. I then plant lureplants around the entire operation to kill any wandering spiders or piggies. I haven't gotten enough bunny tails yet to really create a large bunny village, but I am hoping that after I change worlds that will change. Getting really tired of playing Wilson, wanting to try Wickerbottom--hoping today's update will allow that to happen.