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Now you can make a bear prototype body, calling it with the right mouse button on the ground.

It is strong, good frighter. Use left mouse button on bear can let it stop ,press again to

keep it following. meat get 200 health to it. If you don't want the bear, kill it with

ctrl, it will not fight back.

2000 health

100 damage

If you have any questions let me know them!Thank you!


Don't use it with webber because it will hit him.I'll contact to the founder to fix this bug!

2014.04.20 Updated

fixed crashing.

If you click him with left key he will stay there and sleeping.

Thanks for "crakoom Buying The Dark Helm" tell me to updating.

This idea is from 《YINING Don't Starve Practical Modified Skills》&Thanks for the Founder!

Have fun guys!

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How to make it work? When I press right mouse button nothing happens.

I have found out how this works. You need to craft the Bear Prototype under Structures tab and plant it before using the bear.

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completely not working... just crashing

If you are using the new version of DS then no mods are working, all of them are crashing the game. This should be amended next week, but in the meantime you can generate a new world with all mods disabled and then enable the mods back after your world is generated (unfortunately going into caves / ruins will still crash the game with mods).

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