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  1. It says "Out-of-date!". When i enabled the mod, there isn't Writhe in the character selection. PS> Sorry for bad English. I'm from Poland
  2. Maybe now a Goose or Dragonfly or Deerclops?
  3. I have trouble... Waverly is made of black squares
  4. I have this same problem. He is just a black squares!
  5. Ronix157


    Rabbit= Carroot Spider=Monster meat Pengull=Fish Gobbler-Berries Can someone say me how to tame other animals?
  6. It's still doesn't work... When I try to enabled it, it crash
  7. It says that mod is crashed! I can't enabled it!
  8. I have big trouble with textures! William and Faithe second form are a bunch of black squares! How to fix it?
  9. Hi! Can someone make avatar for me? I'd like avatar with wilson riding by summer koalefant and chester will sit behind the wilson. Can someone make it?
  10. I found a little bug. William in my game looks like some black squares.