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Rechargeable Mega Light

Wilson has finally done it! He's learned how to capture the energy contained in a lightning bolt. Using the transformer unit, he's storing it in batteries inside the unit. He now plans to replace his ol lightning rod with his new and improved super lightning rod.

-Mega Light features =

-Mega Light functions as a lightning rod

-When struck by lightning it holds a 3 day charge

-Never runs out of power at night ,always at first light

-If hit by lightning before charge runs out, it will receive a full charge

-Mega Light will light up your entire base in most cases

-Mega Light has a cool electricity special effects

-Mega Light is craftable under the LIGHT TAB

-Mega Light Recipe = 3 gold nuggets, 2 gears and 10 light bulbs

-TUNING = Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve\mods\workshop-217475502\modmain.lua

-TUNING.CHARGE = 3 "This is days"

-Note: You gotta have a lightning rod anyway,why not have a Rechargeable Mega Light ;)

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My game crashes sometimes and the error message say this is because of lightning strike. But I also can see normal lightnings and I didn't ever see my base light working. So I think it happens when lightning strikes the base light.

1.99777 (apr 16) version of game. Apr 20 version of mod. What could it be?




Still doesn't work. Am I the only one who have this problem?


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It should require a lightning rod for the crafting imo.

What is the name of lightning rod in the files, so i can add it for myself?

Lightning Rod is not a crafting item.Lightning Rod is a structure.

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