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Warwick (BETA v1.0)

"Minion of Darkness"

Short Bio:

Warwick is a man who tries to be evil even though he loves flowers and has a fragile mind at night. He does possess the gift although he is insane when those gifts are let loose.


Health: 100

Hunger: 100

Sanity: 80

- Walk/Run speed is 1.2 times that of Wilson.

- Hunger rate is 0.55 that of Wilson .

- Sanity drains quicker at night.

- Has magic bonus.

When his Sanity lowers:

- The more his sanity drains the slower he becomes.

- He becomes stronger.

- His hit and attack range is increased.


- Flowers heal his Sanity by 10 instead of the default 5.


- His "Undertaker" hat increases his daperness.

- Reduces his temperature hurtrate.

- Spawns with his hat and a backpack.


- Fix the angle of his hat from the front.

- Add better powers.

- More features.

- Learn to code better. ;)

Feel free to suggest things I could do with this character (features, extras etc.) or report any bugs.

Thanks in advance.

What's New in Version 1


  • v1.0: Uploaded file.

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