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  1. you just need to wear an armor , carry many foods and some candy for the sanity. i didnt found an another way to play this character.
  2. great , the undertaker hat is avaible for other characters ! i love it !
  3. hi , dont be sorry ^^ its your char after all , i take this for a good challenge. i will make many dragonpie to visit cave !
  4. Hi mister moder ^^ i think your character have too much cons , and only one pro . think about the cave , fast loosing sanity , 1.5 damage , only 80 hp ..... gathering speed will not save you in the cave. So i have an idea , give her the same book of wickerbottom for farming, and why not increase her sanity to 150 to 200 , like wickerbottom. i think she will more balance with this change ^^ Maybe this modification will not be hard to code. thanks for your work
  5. hi nevadead , could you tell us the stats and perks of your custom character ? thx.
  6. this char doesnt work if you play with " always on status mod " , just desable it and you can play with wesna ^^ Good character , nice look , good speech ! and chopy is not OP.
  7. HI ! i have a question , my sanity is down at 145 , like life with meat effigy. Is it normal , i have summon choppy.