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More recipes for the Crock Pot, including some for bat wings and leafy meat.


Banana Creme Pie: Cave Banana raw or cooked and spices

Bratwurst: Meat, veggies and spices

Bucket O' Bat: Batwings raw or cooked and spices

Cake: Honey, eggs, butter, and spices

Cupcaves: Lightbulbs, veggies and spices

Eel Head Stew: Eel raw or cooked, lightbulbs and spices

Grilled Corn: Raw corn, butter, and spices

Grilled 'Shrooms: Mushrooms (any kind) and spices

Kave Kabobs: Lightbulbs, twigs, monstermeat, and spices

Lasagna: Meat raw or cooked, eggplant, and spices

Mushed 'Shrooms: Lightbulbs, mushrooms (any kind) and spices

Pumpkin Pie: Pumkin, butter, and spices

Suberranean Stew: Batwings, veggies, and spices

Veggimeat Roast: Plantmeat raw or cooked and spices

Spices can be found in the Recipe tab under Refine

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