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From Modder for modders.

With these files the food out of the crock pot will be visible in the game. It's probably enough for a description.

Compatibility: there are no problems with the other mod


  • files needed for the mod (catalogs)
  • information on how to install (install_how_to.txt)
  • guide on how to use (tutorial.pdf)

I wish you all a great amount of mods. If you have any questions, please write to priv or leave comments.

Guide is also available on forum: http://forums.kleien...l-modification/

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Meatballs Resized

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Yes it works without any problems (if you change the animations as I described in tutorial - but it proposes to leave this for author, if he choose to change)

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in my game the food out of the crock pot is always visible 


my version :"the stuff of the nightmare"

i think yours also should be the same right?

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