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About This File

Steam Workshop version

ThereIsNoSpoon Mod Team presents you :

Frostmourne , the cursed runeblade of the Lich King

Since we found other Frostmourne mods to be problematic we take liberty on ourselves to make a good one


Frostmourne is intended to be a very late game overpowered weapon

Strengths :

- 100 cold damage ( 3 hits to freeze Beefalo )
- Light source , dropping Frostmourne on the ground provides a light source , also a small light when equip
- Lifesteal 10 health per hit
- Infinite Durability

Weaknesses :

- Attack speed is half as fast as normal weapons
- Movement speed reduced to 80% , Frostmourne is a cold burden for your feet
- Sanity drain 0,5/s when equip , Frostmourne is also a heavy burden for your mind and soul


Blueprint ( requires Shadow Manipulator )
- 20 Living Logs
- 10 Moon Rocks
- 5 Purple Gems
- 1 Dark Sword

due to being OP , Frostmourne's blueprint is hard for balance


Hope you'll enjoy our mod , please report any bugs in the comments and see you guys soon with more weapon mods from us !

Credits :
DMNT4798 - Lead Scripting
Myself - Spriting
DmcVergil98 - Support Scripting

Special thanks to Lumina for helping us out with our errors in the script and spriter projects when we were in time of need

What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


Damage reduced from 110 to 100

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hey... this looks fantastic! (OP in my opinion, but WHAT THE HECK i give it a try ;)) mayyybe (like the mine hat when runs out) create an unusable  "worn out" version, and let the player repair it with living logs? JUST a recommendation. not an obligation of course!

and thank you for the mod BTW


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Hey, im beginner in DONT STARVE, and i just know MODS. But i cant find "link download" around here. can u help me . thanks 

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