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First: this mod doesn't have any gameplay content — it is the basis for other mods!
Second: This mod is in development. Errors and issues are expected!

Green! is a framework which improves magic in the game, adding a lot of roleplay features:

  • Spells with skillshot-mechanic and cooldowns;
  • Status effects (buffs and debuffs);
  • Affixes (diablo-style modificators for items and creatures);
  • More cool stuff like drinks, enchants, caster-creatures, etc.

What can be done with this?

  • The Forge-style weapon;
  • Character with active spells (go away, boring passive perks!);
  • Bleeding, deseases, poison and more dangerous (or useful) things;
  • Spider-mages with meteors.

Mods based on the Green!:

Steam vesrsion: here

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog




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