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Use the Skeleton Rod to find skeletons, graves and dog bones!

Nightmare updated

Update, fixed recipe and moved to 'survival' tab.

v1.4 Graves tracking, Gravestone tracking/mining and Chester EyeBone tracking added.

Pro Tip: Dig the graves before you mine those Headstones!

v1.3 Now also track Hound Bones!

Mine-able Skeletons! Now you can mine dem bones!


This mod actually adds more playable content to the game!

You gather supplies to make the Skeleton Rod (survival recipe tab). Then, you can go searching for skeletons. The Skeleton Rod works like the divining rod and makes a 'ping' noise that gets louder and redder the closer you get to a skeleton. THEN, take your pick and dig them bones.

For MORE fun, start your worlds with max 'boons'!

v1.1 added animation states

Possible loot:

* ash

* wetgoop

* beardhair

* redgem

* bluegem

* walrus_tusk

* goldnugget

* krampus_sack (VERY small chance)

* poop

* walrushat (small chance)

* spoiled_food

..maybe a chance of spawning a ghost?

Set your skeleton creation ('boons') to lots so more show up on your map.

To install this mod:

put this file in a new folder under "..mods" called "Dem Bones",

then open the "modsettings.lua" file in the mods folder and add the


ModManager:AddMod("Dem Bones")

When you run the game you should see a screen pop up that lists this mod as

being loaded.

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What's New in Version -xx   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Thought I would post some of what I have noticed recently as I have been using this mod in conjunction with the newer mod, Gravedigger, both of which are awesome modification of great value, thanks to everyone for making and keeping up to date.


The one issue I noticed is that Gravedigger appears to conflict with Dem Bones.  The only conflict I see is when I have ever dug the grave twice.  In those instances, when the next auto save is made, it always crashes and quite a bit of progress is lost each time also.  Now, the error report is 95% related to the process of saving, but there is one line that refers to Dem Bones.  


When I disable Dem Bones, I am then able to dig the gravestones twice without crashing (feature of Gravedigger mod).  You can also just dig the graves one time and there will be no crash.  


That's it, I just wanted to post this in case this can be resolved.  I am posting this in the Gravedigger thread even though the error is reported as being with Dem Bones. Never the less, it appears to be more of a conflict between the two mods rather than just Dem Bones.


There are a lot of great features in both mods and it would be great if these two would play nice together.

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Could someone please update this?  I get an error on game loading saying that obsidian workbench wasn't referenced.  I'm playing 1.16 shipwrecked.

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Is this abandoned?  I loved this mod.  It made quite a few things in the game more useable...  I'm also getting the obsidian workbench error.


scripts/mainfunctions.lua(849,1) ...4FEB2016/data/scripts/prefabs/obsidian_workbench.lua:91: variable 'prefabs' is not declared
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    =[C]:-1 in (global) error (C) <-1--1>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/strict.lua:23 in () ? (Lua) <21-26>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/prefabs/obsidian_workbench.lua:91 in (local) fn (main) <0-0>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua:76 in (global) LoadPrefabFile (Lua) <68-88>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:167 in (upvalue) LoadAssets (Lua) <94-188>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1184 in (upvalue) LoadSlot (Lua) <1180-1207>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1250 in (upvalue) DoResetAction (Lua) <1213-1274>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1285 in (local) complete_callback (Lua) <1277-1286>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/upsell.lua:27 in (global) UpdateGamePurchasedState (Lua) <11-30>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1290 in () ? (Lua) <1288-1291>
    =[C]:-1 in (method) SetPersistentString (C) <-1--1>
    H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:104 in (method) Save (Lua) <94-106>


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