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Original mod Created by Shen Yi

Lets You Move Your Stuff just right click on the structures to convert them into items & pick them up.

Comparing mine to the original by Shen Yi
Shen Yi replaced a lot of default items. And even removed some features of them (Collision physics for example)

My version, however, doesn't replace any Items. Implements Propper Collision physics. Fixes the Missing Features.
And is completely compatible with DS, ROG and SW.

This is my first Published mod, Hope you like it.

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Perhaps Soon. I'm relatively new to modding in don't starve.
A DST version will require me learning more about the structures in DST.
And Removing SW features.

I'm currently working on adding config options & squashing bugs (be sure to report any you find) .

though this mod is more of a stepping stone for me as I'm looking to create a more balanced solution.

I'm currently going through the code to see if i can replicate the pre-build feature of structures.
(I still haven't found this code or any code in relation to how it works)

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Got a crash when placing a chest down. It fell threw the world and the next time the game loaded it got a physics error crash (or some thing like that). I've since disabled it, but I can re-enable it try and get a crash screen and game log if need be.

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