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  1. Mini Furniture

    Works with Don't Starve Together?
  2. Cute Survival Plushies

    I have a couple of questions regarding some terms you used for the plushie effects. General question. Plushies that involve summoning (ex. Clockwork chess) or other active effects (ex. Butterfly growing flowers , rock lobster pooping rocks , bee giving honey, any plushies that ,,soothe’’ mobs etc.) are one time use?And in order to use them , do they have to be on the ground or in the inventory works just as well? Pigman – full recruit time = as long as the day lasts ? Bosses - can encourage an attack? What does it mean? Koalefant (and simillars) – accelerates hunting? What does it mean? Ghost- haunts the area? As in creates the mist usually found near a graveyard? Sorry for what may seem ,,dumb’’ questions but I stumbled over some plushies in-game and they didn’t do anything after interacting with them.