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Tropical Vacation 2.5

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About This File

Ever tire of your dreary old life on the Island? It sounds like you need a vacation! Just hop in this convenient, totally not sinister Shadow Portal!

Adds a craftable Shadow Portal in the Magic tab, made from 4 Living Logs, 4 Nightmare Fuel, and a Purple Gem. Using the portal will transport you between the Tropics and the Island (But beware! The portal is one way, and you will need to construct another to return.). The portal is also usable in other realms, and will always lead to the Tropics if not already in them.

After a complete rework, version 2.0 is now available! The portal is now fully functional, and can even transport you across DLCs! Any items that cannot make the journey will be ejected before transport (see below). Using the portal in the Tropics will send you to the world you used to get there (caves, Adventure Mode, etc). Portals from Adventure Mode are disabled by default, so you can't bring things in from the Tropics, but this can be changed in the mod configuration.

The portal only accepts items found in the base game (specifically those specified in 'prefablist.lua'), so items that are in both DLCs but are not in the base game cannot be transported (potential fix in future). There is a function for modders to whitelist items, look in 'itemfilter.lua'.

DISCLAIMER: Credit to Klei Entertainment for all visual and auditory assets in this mod.

What's New in Version 2.5   See changelog


  • Fixed crash when opening a save slot where a Shadow Portal has been used, introduced by latest DS update.
  • Disabled the Item Filter, as it is now obsolete.
  • Disabled custom UI text when using the portal from different DLCs.
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Can I use it with "normal" Dont Starve? (without DLC s)

It should function without RoG, but it requires Shipwrecked (The entire point is to provide a means of transport to/from the Shipwrecked world).

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