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Adds the meteors from DST to the base game.

Also adds Moon Rock, and Moon Rock Walls! (Obtainable from meteors)

NOTE: Almost all of the content in this mod was not made by me, I just ported it over!



If you have a preexisting world that you would like to have meteor showers in, use this command:


This will spawn an invisible object at your cursor, around which meteor showers will occasionally happen. NOTE: There will be no immediately apparent effect from using the command! (If you get an error message in the console, you probably typed it wrong.)

If you want to directly spawn meteors, use this command:


This will spawn a meteor at your cursor.

If you like to watch the world burn (or at least be covered in scorch marks), use this command:


This will spawn 5 meteors at your cursor over the course of 2.5 seconds.

You can pass 'c_devastation' arguments, for example:

c_devastation(10) --This will spawn 10 meteors over 5 seconds (half the number of meteors)

c_devastation(10, 2.5) --This will spawn 10 meteors over 2.5 seconds


COMPATIBILITY NOTE: (For developers)

This mod overrides the DoDelta function in the health component.

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • Added Shipwrecked compatibility flag.
  • Added the 'c_meteor()' command, which spawns a meteor.
  • Added the 'c_devastation()' command, which spawns several meteors over time.

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atleast give us a better description

That's really all it is. It directly recreates the mentioned content (Meteors, Moon Rock, and Moon Rock Walls) from DST. Meteor Showers will occur at random intervals in rocky areas (Requires the world to be generated after the mod is enabled). Meteor shower frequency can be adjusted in the config. As in DST, there is a chance to receive Moon Rock from Meteors, which can be made into walls.

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:-/ but... i don't want to start a new world. this is awesome but... mine is too advanced :-(


could you fix it, please? like... the changes apply to already created worlds?



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