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Updated version of Kzisor's tileset for the modding program "Tiled". Usage is explained thoroughly in Jack Slender's (outdated) tutorial thread. Keep in mind that this tileset is 64x64 before creating your setpiece and importing it!


  • All tiles up until the first "wall" are basegame surface.
  • All tiles after the first "wall" and before "fake" are basegame caves.
  • All tiles from "fake" on are shipwrecked (not available in DST).
  • "WALL" tiles are invalid, as they aren't meant for flooring.
  • "FAKE (DST)" is the fake floor in DST (used in Atrium), but the beach sand in sW.
  • "Lava" is defined as volcano lava, but doesn't actually exist.
  • The empty purple frames are undefined and thus invalid.

The tiles should all be recognisable, feel free to ask if unsure.

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • added Shipwrecked tiles
  • added note for DST fake ground
  • fixed r/g mycelium position
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