Larger Campfire Collision 0.5

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About This File

A simple mod that increases the collision radius of campfires and firepits.

The intention is to reduce crowding and to make cooking or adding fuel easier.

This mod must be used on the server/host and is not required by clients.

You can change the size in the configuration options. I decided to use values of .3 (the game's default), .5, .7, 1, 1.5, and 2.

I feel that a value of 1 is a good fit, but feel free to try out different values or change the options to suite your needs.

If anyone would like me to code in more options let me know.

Trying out temperature options.

There is a 'compensation' option for hot and cold fires separately, which *should* make the temperature at the edge of the collision radius the same as if you were standing as close as possible to the fire without the mod. This will increase the temperature further away slightly however.

"No" is no change.

"Min size" uses the smaller value of the campfire or firepit that you select.

"Max size" uses the larger value.

Or you can choose a specific value if you'd like.

Additionally I added an option to multiply the heat of both fires by a fixed amount. This will probably lead to weirdness, but I haven't tested it out fully. Use this option at your own risk.

I initially made this for DST, but thought it would be useful in single player as well. Currently I just made another version for SP (labeled [sP]), so use that one if you're playing regular Don't Starve.

If you enjoy this mod, or have any thoughts on improvements please let me know.

What's New in Version 0.5   See changelog


  • Added options to change the fire temperatures.

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