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  1. Version 1.1


    ··The augmented reality Mod 】 The night kyle made 1. The digging ore 30% chance to get a gem. 2. Cut down a tree branch. 3. The spike shrubs can receive a 1 day. 4. The farmland 1 3. 5. Pot for brain, 2 days can receive one leaves. 6. Lamp can be used as a fuel such as wood. 7. Slow h. 8. The berries 1 times 2 9. The game is equal to 8 minutes to 12 minutes a day 10. Refined items once get 2 (with the exception of purple gems) 【现实增强Mod】 暗夜凯尔制作 1.开凿矿石30%几率弄到1个宝石。 2.砍树掉树枝。 3.尖刺灌木1天可以收一次。 4.农田1次收3个。 5.盆栽可补脑,2天可收1次树叶。 6.提灯可用木头等作为燃料。 7.缓慢回血 8.浆果1次采2个 9.游戏里一天等于8分钟改为12分钟 10.精炼物品一次搞2个(除了紫宝石)
  2. Version 1.2


    Increase the gameplay, don't like do not spray, thank you! 1. Wilson: Life and hunger by 150 to 150, Mental decline in 50, 8 seconds to reply 1 drop of blood Bring their own level of science and technology and build a talisman and back The number of days long beard Sherwin from 4 to 5,12,19 2. Wei fall Life changed from 150 to 150, against a multiple of 0.85 Go out with 4 gunpowder To make gunpowder 3. Wolfgang Take 5% of the defense 5 seconds to reply a drop of blood Has 2 hammer (when fitness tool) and a broth, hungry faster Met a monster and dark spirit reduce coefficient changed from 1.1 to 1.1 4. Wendy Life and hunger from 150 to 125 and 105 From 200 to 200 Attack coefficient of 0.7 Continuously reduce spirit (slow) Abigail life into 700 and damage to rise 5. The robot Elite and grass umbrella to go out with an axe Slow recovery values and spiritual life 6. Vic botton Life hunger from 150 to 150 From 250 to 250 Eight percent additional damage Level one magic, go out take two sheets of paper 7. Woody Go out take 3 gold Life from 150 to 175 Mental decline from 200 to 150 Hungry 35% faster than normal people Every 6.5 seconds a little blood 8. ' Go out with 5 rotting food (things) Life and hunger to rise to 120 Spirit down to 125 Ten percent additional damage The speed of the hungry to 120% of the ordinary people 9. Mr McCain From 75 to 75 health Hunger fell from 150 to 140 Mental decline from 200 to 185 Mental recovery 20% faster than the original Weber 10. Go out take 2 fast monster meat From 100 to 125 Health by 20 to 130 Hat can make the queen 11. The gas grace Take 2 pieces Measurements to 175 lives, 145 and 120 spirit hunger Attack ratio to 125% 增加游戏性,不喜勿喷,谢谢! 1.威尔逊: 生命和饥饿由150下降到145, 精神下降50, 8秒回复1滴血 自带一级科技和一个建造护符和背 长胡子的天数由4,8,12变为5,12,19 2.威落 生命由150变为135,攻击倍数0.85 出门自带4火药 会制作火药 3.沃尔夫冈 自带5%的防御 5秒回复一滴血 拥有2锤子(当健身工具用)和一肉汤,饿的更快 碰见怪物和黑暗精神降低系数由1.1变为1.4 4.温蒂 生命和饥饿由150变为125和105 精神由200变为235 攻击系数变为0.7 不停的减少精神(很慢) 阿比盖尔生命变为700且攻击力上升 5.机器人 出门自带斧子稿子和草伞 缓慢恢复生命值和精神 6.维克波顿 生命饥饿由150变为120 精神由250变为175 受到百分之八的额外伤害 获得一级魔法,出门多带2张纸 7.伍迪 出门多带3黄金 生命由150上升到175 精神由200下降到150 比常人饿的速度快35% 每6.5秒会一点血 8.威斯 出门自带5腐烂食物(作死) 生命和饥饿上升到120 精神下降到125 受到百分之10额外伤害 饿的速度变为常人的120% 9.老麦 健康由75变为100 饥饿由150下降到140 精神由200下降到185 精神恢复比原来快20% 10.韦伯 出门多带2快怪物肉 精神由100上升到125 健康下降20到130 可以制作女王帽 11.瓦斯格雷斯 多带2块 三围改为175生命,145饥饿和120精神 攻击倍数变为125%
  3. Version 1.0


    My friend Night kell Heavy plate zhaoyun mod: Mental health: 200:200 feed: 245 Hunger speed slower than normal Movement speed is 1.65 times of ordinary people Attack strength 1.65, strong willpower, will make some combat items, Was born with some items, some unique language Major faults: Every day will have more than one ghost suo life, and is attacks 15% of the time there will be a ghost suo life Patients with hemophilia: combat damage by 225% and 1.5 times the fire damage Hunger high damage