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Discussion of mod here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?22061-Download-Perpetual-Mod-0-0-1&p=212917

Perpetual Mod

Don't Starve is an escapist joy for me, and I'm enjoying modding it, too.

Goals of this mod

* Add more variety and more things to do.

* Add more risk and more reward for triumphing over the risks.

* Provide a larger and more varied cycle of supplies.

* Teach myself [Lua](http://www.lua.org/).

Highlighted Changes

* Naughtiness has been replaced by feralness, a sanity penalty imposed on the player the more killing they do. The penalty decays over time.* The player will be hunted at various times by more than hounds:    * Spiders    * Werepigs    * Krampus    * oh my* Tweaks to existing items and mobs (see detailed changes).

Detailed Changes

TODO - In progress

### Conducts* Like achievements, worded from nethack days. * Potential conducts:    * Berryvore (only eats berries)    * Vegivore (only eats fruit and veggies)    * Carnivore (only eats meat)    * Sane (never crosses the insanity threshhold)    * Insane in the membrane (spent more than 30 game days insane)    * Vagabond (never builds a permanent structure)    * Conquistador (various awards for hunting and killing the big mobs)    * Completed sets ### Sets* Display sets that are in effect via speech (feels more in the theme of the game).    * This needs to be throttled. Maybe the first time the set is done only?    * Maybe this is a good excuse for a conduct component? ### Temporary effects* Allow effects to be temporal (and, you know, temporary).* Allow saving of effects (for when effects are not part of of a set).    * This will likely necessitate an effects class that will need some defaults.        * Effects are permanent unless otherwise noted.         * Effects are not saved unless otherwise noted.* Memoize calls to sumEffect if it seems to be faster than just linear array lookups and computes (which it is likely faster, but is it worth it?).* Diagnostic view of effects currently in effect. 

TODO - Ideas

### Feralness v2* have the decay rate be non-linear when not performing feral actions.* primal bonuses when in a feral state.* UI indicator for how feral we are (in the spirit of the freezing indicator)* When fighting, raise feralness onhit vs. onkill* Make feralness apply a TemporaryEffect vs. the spaghetti code override I use now. ### Rabbit earmuffs* Makes friends with bunnymen even if carrying meat. ### Huntedby* code* Use a CircularProcessQueue to manage the huntedby* procedure state (procedural approach sort of like a coroutine). ### Nightlight v2* BUG: When leaving the cave and returning to camp, the nightlight is "off". Not sure why this is. Do I need to override the nightlight load?* Emit a negative ambient temperature. You can freeze near one even in summer.    * Needs a heater component with a heat of -something.    * For this to work, need to rewrite the component/temperature to allow for negative heaters. Perhaps a whole new component would be better, one that lowers ambient temperature. ### Deerclops* Should give more meat than a koalephant, or something that's a better reward than his eye.* Make the deerclops eye a special healing item (after the food/healing overhaul)? ### Walarang* New Crafting Recipe:     * 1 Walrus tusk    * 1 boomerang* Better damage, better durability boomerang (but not indestructable like the walking stick). ### Essays and/or Poems (writings)* Like artwork* Enough essays can eventually be put together into a book. What the book does yet, I do not know. Sanity bonus while carried in the inventory?* Thoughts: How to make fun and not grindy… well, then again, everything in this game is an odd mix of fun and grindy, but somehow the fun wins out. ### Gambling (inspired by what I should do with pieces of artwork)* Artwork can be gambled. Resources that are non-renewable should not be earnable, but rare items made from non-renewable resources can be. I think it would be funny to have artwork return real work items (pickaxe, shovel, etc.)* Give the pig king a gamblingcasino component.    * Trading is for expectable results, gambling is for unpredictable results.* Give the artwork a gamblingchit component.     * Chits can be higher or lower value. Higher value gives "better" items, or more items.    * Chits can be "wildcards" which provide an equal value for all items available.    * Chits can be forced to return a class of items.* Incorporate the idea from this mod: forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?19247-Download-Garbage-Disposer-Wormholes ### Upgraded firepit* Can burn for a long time (higher max burn time). ### Landmines* Copy the bee mine, except that it explodes when enemies are near.* The Durian Bomb    * New Craftable Recipe        * 1 Durian        * 1 Gunpowder* Flaming Doom    * New Craftable Recipe        * 1 Durian        * 1 Red Gem        * 1 Charcoal ### Food and healing overhaul* Food heals very little (1-3 points?)    * Fruits and fruit dishes heal more (making farming more lucrative and worthwhile, and worth an alternative to hunting spiders and beekeeping for the more aggriminded of us.)* Food has more gradations of hunger fulfillment, with rarer or more difficult foods sating hunger more.    * Meats tend to last longer.* Food has more gradations of sanity fulfillment.    * Veggies and fruits are comfort tend to provide more sanity.* Many foods do not last as long as they currently do.    * Cooked meats and meat dishes tend to not last as long.* Some foods last longer.    * Veggies and fruits and veggie and fruit dishes tend to last a bit longer.* Jerky lasts way longer, still provides a good sanity bonus, and provides a bit more nutrition than right now (the cost of making jerky is too high right now for actual food use in my opinion, and I tend to use jerky inly for sanity gain).* Sleep produces no hunger penalty (straw roll I'm looking at you) over the usual penalty for time passed, and actually slows hunger penalty relative to time passed. * Sleep is a good way to heal, and healing is proportional to time passed (a big bonus... sleeping earlier in the evening equals more healing).* Adds opportunity cost to the night: do I stay awake and work or do I sleep and heal and regain sanity.* Healing kits get a boost in terms of effectiveness.    * Honey poltice gets a healing boost and a drop in required science level since it is no longer the highest tier healing item. The cost of finding the reeds for papyrus counteracts the simplicity of making it (plus in general, honey is a lot more work to gather, overall, but it is renewable).    * Non-renewable healing salve is an almost complete heal, and gets a bump in science level (since it requires amplifying the effectiveness of spider glands).    * Spider glands keep the same effectiveness. With a lack of healing resources, these will be more valuable.        * I think spider glands should need to be converted to healing kits to be made usable. Keeps in the theme of healing salve, and prevents grab and heals during battle.* Building at least certain items should boost sanity abit. Maybe a very lower positive effect over time. Help counter those days when you go out and murder a bunch of rabbits and return home to make some rabbit rug. ### Alchemy Overhaul* Gold itself is turned into more useful metals (throw back to original idea of other metals being turned into precious gold. In the don't starve universe, since gold is plentiful and isn't actually precious because there is no economy in a survival model, gold should be the "lead" that needs to be turned into useful durable metals, which in turn is used to make into useful durable goods).* Have a Transmogrifier that behaves like the crock pot but works on inorganics? ### Meteors* As part of the alchemy overhaul, add meteors that land occasionally and provide a renewable, but really rare, hard metal that can be used to make a better-than-gold tools. (Use lightning + explosion + some map marker for the meteor.) ### Tools Overhaul* Flint tools are stronger (150% of current durability).* Gold tools are weaker than flint tools (75% of current flint durability).* A third set of tools are available that are better than the currently available gold tools. The metal available to make it should be available about once every 50 days or so (about 1 awesome tool per 50 days). ### Television* Recipe: X amount of Gears, Y amount of Gold* Radiates Sanity gain bonus.* Radiates a massive Hunger penalty. (Thinking about health penalty, but that seems counter intuitive with the other changes I want to make to sanity.) ### Lye* New crafting recipe     * 3 Ash ### Soap* Potential Crockpot Recipe: Lye + only meat = Soap* Should make it so monster meat is usable here in any amount.* Consumable that improves sanity (small-mid gain) and health (small gain). (Shouldn't be "edible" in the mouseover, but we can manage that.) ### Dapper Vest* Make the Dapper vest absorb a bit of damage (25% maybe?).* Dapper vest still degrades over time naturally. ### Night Armor* Bump physical damage absorption to 99%.* Decrease sanity drain of this armor to something like 6.77/min (Tam o' Shanter)* Increase amount of total damage that affects sanity by a whole lot. Sanity could be managed by consumables during battle. This makes this armor like the "mana shield" of wizards in an ARPG.* This still allows Maxwell's "demon" abilities to be more in character, since he can wear the Tam o' Shanter, Night Armor, and Night sword and have a zero'd out sanity gain/penalty from items. ### Risk vs. Reward* As the late game gets harder, the rewards should also be better. As hunger and sanity cease to be the problem (they should be the early game problems), nature-maxwell-evil should be the primary problem.


This mod is designed to work with the most recent updates of Don't Starve and is not designed to work with older versions of Don't Starve. * Tested against build: [It's Not a Rock] 79659, 79484, 79386    * Previously tested, but no longer compatible with builds: 78535, 78379, 78281* Game modes tested with:    * Survival (extensive testing)    * Caves (a bit, not extensive testing)* Other mods compatible with:    * Unknown at this time. (No guarantees made about compatibility.) This mod has been tested with new and preexisting characters and things seem to work. One should also be able to start a game with this mod and then remove the mod with no almost no ill effects. Anticipated problems if the mod is removed after using it: * If you created mod specific items (e.g. artwork, perpetulogs), those items might now exist as invisible entities in your game or inventory. This shouldn't be a problem, but might be unnerving when you find your inventory invisibly full. Just make sure to dispose of the items before removing the mod and everything should be okay. 


This mod would have been a lot harder to write if it weren't for the following people: * Handsome Matt's [Klei Studio](http://dev-zilla.net/kleistudio/).* Heavenfall's various codebandages and posts on the [Modding Forums](http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forumdisplay.php?63-Don-t-Starve-Mods-and-tools).* Ipsquiggle and his community support.* milson's [Potion Mod](http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?19539-Download-Potions-%28V1-9%29-Own-potiontab-added) when I was trying to first get a prefab to work.* WrathOf's original support for modding.* Zeidrich's [Rubber Duck comments](http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?18685-Tutorial-My-first-mod-creating-a-new-stat).

Where's the code?

Code is hosted at github at:     https://github.com/jeremyosborne/dontstarve-mod-perpetual Feel free to fork the code, use the code anyway you see fit for Don't Starve related things.


* 0.0.1    * First zipped up release made available on the Don't Starve Mod Forum.

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:54 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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