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This is a subsidiary of the Craftable Uncraftables mod. Due to a few requests, I have decided to run this mod alongside the main. This mod contains both Craftable Raw Resources, and Craftable Uncraftables (Half Edition). Craftable Raw Resources features natural materials, such as Silk and Bunny Puffs. The full list is featured below. (see Features).

If this version breaks, please use [v.0.0.5] while waiting for a fix. Thanks.

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Craftable Raw Resources Features:

- Koalefant Trunk

- Winter Koalefant Trunk

- Manure

- Guano

- Red Gem

- Blue Gem

- Yellow Gem

- Orange Gem

- Beard Hair

- Bunny Puffs

- Pig Skin

- Hound's Tooth

- Spider Gland

- Silk

- Walrus Tusk

- Butter

- Cooked Mandrake

- Rabbit

- Crow

- Redbird

- Snowbird

- Bee

- Killer Bee

- Butterfly

- Mosquito

Craftable Uncraftables - Half Editon Features:

- Tam O'Shanter

- Krampus Sack

- Tentacle Spike

- Living Log

- Gears

- Shell Armour

- Shellmet

Planned Features:

- Add a Half-edition of Craftable Uncraftables.

Install Instructions:

Extract the zipped mod to your 'mods' folder in the DS files. Open Don't Starve, and enable/disable the mod via the in-game interface.


No known issues.

Known Bugs:

If you have Craftable Raw Resources, when killing any of the eight Craftable Animals, you will find that they drop the ingredients needed to craft them. Useful Dark Petals exploit.

Fix upcoming.


v.0.0.6 - Added the latest Craftable Uncraftables additions (around 60-70) to Raw Resources.

v.0.0.5 - Believed to be fixed.

v.0.0.4 - Added Yellow and Orange Gems.

v.0.0.3 - Fixed the accidental deletion. Removed the turfs, in an effort to fix.

v.0.0.2 - Updated to latest preview, Raw Resources now contains 10 Turfs and 8 Animals.

v.0.0.1 - Uploaded the mod.

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:56 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Is it possible to remove items from the mod (raw resources, not half-edition)? (I want about a third of the items.) If so, how? (I've tried deleting lines in modmain.lua but so far it hasn't worked.)

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