Mastema 1.5.1

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Mod adds character Mastema - Adept of nightmare magic.

Mod works with Shipwrecked, ROG and vanila game.


Mastema is the only character who came in Don't Starve world on his own will. His goal is to take over the throne of Maxwell. Mastema belevies that this will give him complete power over a nightmare.


- Hunger 120

- Health 160

- Sanity 220

damage: +5%

sanity drain in night: -30%

sanity aura drain: -30%

has two forms

he can't wear armors nad helmests (he can wear all clothes and hats)

nightmare staff takes hp when used


Large muscles - After a murderous training in his tribe Mastema gained skills of best warriors. He hits harder by 5%

War mage - When Mastema unite with the power of nightmare, his skin becomes hard like thulecite (90% damage resistance). To accomplish this Mastema must lower his sanity at least 150. But you must remember that if sanity falls below 60 he will lose its powerful form.

Darkness explorer - Studying shadow powers Mastema doesn't feel dangerous consequences of darkness as the other characters. Also the aura of declining sanity affect him less.

Forgotten knowledge - Mastema is able to create new thulecite items to help him survive. He can create even Thulecite himself! He has instant access to Ancient tab.

Total codex - Mastema due to own position in the tribe refuses to wear any armors - both armor and helmets.


Scepter allows Mastema to control power purple crystal placed in him instead of the heart. With the scepter Mastema can affect objects and creatures in the world in Don't Starve filling them with the power of a nightmare. Scepter powers acts differently on different objects. But in almost every case, the use of the scepter takes Mastema health. At low health sorcerer can even perish! But used wisely can greatly facilitate survival.


Custom intro

Custom health badge

Custom sounds - Mastema has a set of unique sounds, which are based on the sound of Hang Drum - the youngest instrument in the world :)

All custom lines - over 1100 custom quotes including DLC lines.

Map icon for Mastema.

Portait and a full set of images in the menu


Kuloslav - code, sounds, quotes, balancing & testing

Mr. Hastings (Hast) - graphics, balancing & testing

What's New in Version 1.5.1   See changelog


ver. 1.5.1

Quality Of Life compatibility fix

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This mod is pretty nice! However, I think there should be some more balancing with the damage resistance in the thulecite form. I tanked Dragonfly only using 1 healing save in the process (and a nightmare sword).

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it's really cool, i like him. though, what dipps said couldn't be more accurate, this character IS imbalanced.

if he didn't have the ancient tab unlocked from the get-go, or if he suffered some penalties for lacking in technology, or at the very least, if the thulecite form was somehow limited (i mean, like, from 30-50 sanity. the way he is now the only times i see him in normal form is when i choose the characters), then it would really be one of the coolest characters.

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Hey Kuloslav,
I've made custom version of your awesome character - one that doesn't feel so overpowered (power form start under 90 sanity, stops at 60, no more ability to make thulecite from easily available things), while keeping all the coolnes you've created. In playtesting, it seems to work well -  do You mind me releasing it as alternate version "for the masses" - obviously, giving all due credits to your hard work?


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He is kinda overpowered since maintaining between 150-60 is easy, and he has -30% sanity loss, making it even easier to maintain, and the thulecite form is ridicilous, it basically makes the early game a joke when it comes to combat. Im pretty sure he can tank a giant without many problems. And the armor/helmet restriction is good but still doesn't make much difference because the thulecite form can kill giants anyway. 


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