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Hello there!

I present to you my first mod ever: Sereina the Espeon. She is the main character of my fanfiction, and she managed to reach the Don't Starve's universe. She is an altruistic medic that hates violence, but she is determined to survive and has several abilities to do so. All of her quotes are personnal and Maxwell introductions for both Sandbox and Adventure Mode are unique as well.


-> Health: 80

-> Hunger: 120

-> Sanity: 120


-> She starts with her own bag.

-> She is hungry slower than usual.

-> She can make friends forever.

-> She runs faster during day.

-> She has a small sanity regen during day.

-> Her orb emits some light when her sanity is high.

-> She is more resistant to cold.

-> She isn't hurt by marsh bushes and cactuses.

-> Rabbits don't run away from her.

-> She isn't attacked on sight by guardians.

-> Bunnymen won't attack her is she has meat.


-> She is vegetarian, but she will eat leafy meat.

-> She runs slower at dusk and night.

-> She has a high sanity loss at dusk and night.

-> She has a higer sanity loss near monsters.

-> She has lower damage than usual.

-> Her attack speed is slower as well.

-> She loses sanity when she kills creatures that aren't monsters.

-> She is wet faster during rain.

-> She will dry slower than usual.

She comes with various custom items:

-> Her medical helmet is a strong head protection.

-> Her medical furnitures can heal up to 200 HP.

-> She can make a cyanide pill if she hates her life.

-> Her firatone pill can save your life in winter.

-> Her freezatone pill is the summer counterpart.

-> Her adrenaline injection increases moving and attacking speed for 30 seconds.

-> Her morphine injection reduces damage taken during 30 seconds.

-> She can make a powerfull drug that gives hallucinations during 30 seconds.

I've been working on her for a mounth and there may be bugs here and there. I need your help to find and fix them.

Huge thanks to: NoxuTheAutomaton for the art. Blueberrys and Jjmarco for their coding help.

This mode has been made using Dleowolf Extended Sample Character Template.

Link for RoG Steam version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398971768

Sereina has finally been ported to Don't Starve Together!

Link for the DST Steam version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413912882

What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


  • New update!
  • -> Shots and pills recipes are easier now! Because it was using so many ingredients that it was just too hard / not enough useful to make them.
  • -> Pills have been changed! Now, every creature that can eat something will be able to eat them. Use it at your advantage! Put cyanide pills near your base to get rid of those pesky hounds! Be carefull tough, pigs will eat them as well...
  • -> Corrected several issues with adventure mode! She will now keep her bag with her when going through a portal and change chapter.
  • -> Fixed several bugs that could occure in very rare occasions.
  • I will now work on her DST version, stay tuned.

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I've been playing with her for hours and it's really challenging ^^ and I like the pokémon references so much ^^ So far I didn't found any problems, you did a really awesome work with this mod ^^ My strategy has been going to the pig village and bring lots of pig friends with me ^^ otherwise I don't think I could handle the sanity decreasing so much ^^ really cool ideas but the cyanide pill is just too creepy for me!

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Thanks for the feedback!


You are right, I wanted her to be challenging, and even if I know all of her mechanics, I still have troubles. For the cyanide pill, it can be given to monsters, don't be selfish! It will take care of those pesky moslings, for exemple. I couldn't have made this mod alone though. And I need your help to help me to fix bugs and to balance the character. I will port her to DST once RoG is ported to DST as well.

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She is a vegetarian already, why do you want her to be even more nerfed? And I hate vegetarians and playing with them and you're character is the first that I enjoy playing with that struggle ^^ I understand that you reduced the 12 slots of the bag for 8 because it was kinda of op but why not 10 slots? Now it feels that there is nothing really special about the medical bag :/ And when winter comes it's really bad for her because she can't eat vegetables unless I gathered some before and there isn't much daylight at all, she gets really crazy and hungry in the winter :/ the most viable way for me to survive with her in the winter was gathering tons of pigs for sanity and making jam in the crock pot with 1 berrie + 3 ices. (And I started with having winter in day 2 because I found the winter camp - the one with the ice box in it ^^) Her light at night and the colour of it, it's just beautiful but if you keep nerfing her I have to rely on pigs for everything xD Maybe in the first year it's hard to survive with her but will be easier in the future when I can craft pig houses next to me and make a pig army ^^ But she already has 80 hp, she doesn't need to be so nerfed just because she has extra speed + extra sanity in the day and can have a pig + cat + lobster army. For a long run she is awesome, but in the first year I just feel it's really hard to survive with her ^^ I know I could possibly change the hp value and the number of slots on the medical bag myself but I would like you to have my feedback about her because I love her so much and you did such a good job ^^

Just one final question: (sorry about me talking so much, it's the first mod that I comment, just because I really like her :p) I haven't try this yet but the bunnymen stay forever with her as well? And if yes, If I have meat in my inventory they will get mad at me? Because if they will be forever with me and I accidentally pick up meat it's really bad to see all the bunnymen come at me :/

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Damn, I didn't expect a comment of this size. Let's read.


So, for a 10 slots bag, I could do it, but it won't be portable to DST. That's the only reason.

Also, the goal of this character is to rely on followers. I'm glad you pointed it out!
Surviving the first winter is probably the hardest part with her. I played her myself and that's what I think. I managed to make beehives and I got enough honey to survive, but that was hard.
I think 'll buff her as well as I nerfed her. I'll increase her insulation and reduce her hunger rate to have a better winter.

Yes, she keeps bunnymen forever as well. If you have meat however, they will attack you until you drop it. So, be carefull if you have 20 bunnymen following you, you will be atomized. (True story)


If you don't want bunnymen to follow you forever, you can always give your meat to chester. I haven't teied, but I think that they will leave him alone. I use Followers all in one mod, it's very good with her. You have commands to pause followers, for exemple.

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(And now you have an even bigger comment from me!)


I won't really do DST so for me it's a no brainer ^^


Well I'm starting to see that if she relies too much on the followers she will be impossible to beat adventure mode. First because there you have no caves (at least the last time I played it there wasn't caves) so bunnyman and lobsters won't be a possibility and sometimes there isn't a pig camp on some maps of adventure mode.


And the pigs, they can be really hard to deal with sometimes, for example:

-when you try to catch birds and you have seeds on the traps the pigs can't stop themselves to eat those sweet seeds. I managed to do it but I had to trick the pigs :p

-when it's full moon and you have lots of pigs it's game over xD now I just get rid of the pigs 1-2 days before full moon or they will just chase me all night. So you can't really have the pigs forever! Actually, I think that once the pigs transform into werewolfs, the next day they won't be friendly anymore, you have to give them more meat.

-when the pigs follow Sereina at dusk/night time and they see some fireflies/pighouses/walrus camp/anything else with some light they will stop following Sereina and just stay there, until the day comes ^^ so using pigs it's not that awesome but it's quiet challenging too ^^


And about her insulation in the winter, it doesn't need to be that high because she can easily make rabbit earmuffs.


About the bunnymen, there isn't nothing you can do about their meat alarm? Because you need meat for the pigs, and If I can't have meat in the inventory to give to the pigs without bunnymen attacking me, I think I don't care about having crazy bunnymen in my team at all ^^


About the Followers all in one mod, does it have something more special besides knowing the hp? Because I can know the hp with the FDDynamicBar mod ^^ And I don't seem to be able to pause followers :p


Ps: you were really smart combining Sereina's radiate light at night with the need that pigs have for light in dusk/night time ^^ that way it's possible for pigs to follow her ^^ I had cats before but Sereina gets so fast in daylight that I keep losing them :p and they're great to kill birds!

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I have tried adventure mode, and seriously, it's incredibly hard, but not impossible at all. You can prebuild pig houses and craft them to have some backup.

Edit: You CAN prebuild something and build it right at the beginning of a chapter. If you keep boards, pig skins, cut stones and meat, you can craft pig houses as soon as Maxwell's introdution is over and recruit pigs.

Birds aren't really useful with her because she won't eat eggs. Pigs will try to eat meat, yes, but in this case just put another seed? Haha.

If you fear full moon, just go to sleep with a tent or a sleeping bag during dusk! You'll be safe. I think that pigs remain your friends after full moon. I'll test it.

Try to push pigs around, or build a torch? If they go near fireflies, just go near them, they will stop their light and pigs will follow you again.


Her insulation in winter is not really important. I'll probably increase it a little, but that's all.


I may change the bunnymen behaviour so that they won't attack but, but they will still yell at you. I'll check this out.
I think I will add it in the next update.


Followers all in one can handle up to 12 followers. It shows hp, loyalty (not important here lol), but have new options like muting chester or the glommer, pausing/removing followers without killing them, giving item from afar, etc.


Yes, the character is really fast, but eh, that's not really important. You can always gather ressources to wait for them. And it's really usefull in battle to dodge hits. For her light, I just wanted to give it somthing to do with her orb, but I realized that it was very usefull for pigs. Just remember that the light turns off below 50% sanity.

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Yes, I know I can prebuild one pig house and bring the materials in the next chapter, that's actually a smart way to survive in adventure mode ^^


Well birds are actually good too for having more dragonfruit/pumpkin seeds and I need those, after all, she is a vegetarian ^^ And the eggs I can always give them to the pig king for 1 gold each egg, so there's a nice use for so many monster meat that she can't use in other way, besides giving them to the pigs ^^ And I have keep putting seeds on the trap and I have several pigs they will keep eating the seeds ^^ isn't there a way to keep pigs from eating seeds? :p I'm just asking questions, I don't really know how difficult a little change can be ^^


And thanks for the idea about how to prevent a full moon with them! I haven't tought about the sleeping thing ^^ Now I don't need to make them kill themselves ^^


About the bunnymen, I always liked them but that mechanic of attacking me when I carry meat is really annoying and if Sereina relies so much on followers would be nice for her to don't have problems with the bunnymen, making them viable with this character. This way I could prebuild one pig house and one bunny house to go to the adventure mod with more friends ^^


About the mod Followers all in one, I couldn't pausing or removing them, can you tell me how to do it? *-*


And about the light turning off when sanity is below 50% I learned that the hard way ^^ when I got insane wondering at night and suddenly I had to make a torch or I would get killed by Charlie xD


Thanks for the good work and If I find something else I will tell you ^^

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I knew this little trick with the king.


So, for bunnymen, in the next update, they won't attack you if you have meat, but they will still yell at you.


For Followers all in one, there is a little arrow on the badge. Clic on it and you have the remove follower/pause follower options.


Next update coming soon, probably in one or two hours.

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She has finally been ported to Don't Starve together!


There will not be a Klei download for her DST version, mainly because Workshop version is needed if you want to have more than one player on your server.


Late edit: DST version is broke and I don't know how to fix it. I will need someone skilled with coding to fix everything.

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