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About This File

Adds options for:

  • Craftable Gears
  • Craftable Gold
  • Craftable Mandrake
  • Craftable Living Log

Added difficulty settings for recipes ( Child's Play , Easy , Standard , Hard )

Recipes included in .txt file :joyous:

Mod is required by Server and Clients


Recipes for Standard difficulty:

  • Gears: 1x purple gem, 8x flint, 1 razor
  • Gold: 3x charcoal, 2x red gem
  • Mandrake: 1x durian, 3x blue gem, 2x nightmarefuel
  • Living Log: 1x Log, 1x Nightmarefuel


Installation 1:

The Host/Server subscribes to the steam workshopfile:

To enable & configure the mod, simply navigate to the mods tab from the menu screen.

This will let Clients, who join your Server automatically download the mod from the Steam Workshop.

Installation 2:

Everyone Downloads the files from here (should be a download button somewhere on this page)

and extracts the downloaded zip-archive and moves the Benjimod-folder into the

C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Together Beta\mods folder.

Location might vary due to different steam installation-location.


:love_heart: It's Benji! No need to say more. :love_heart:



This version is for Don't Starve Together (Beta)!

What's New in Version 2.4   See changelog


  • V 2.4
  • Added Craftable Basilisk Wing
  • Added Craftable Bunny Puff
  • Added Craftable Slurper Pelt
  • V 2.3
  • Added Craftable Living Log
  • V 2.2
  • Added different craft recipes to chose from
  • (only for gears)
  • V 2.0
  • Added Craftable Gold & Craftable Mandrake
  • V 1.0
  • Added Craftable Gears

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This version is for DST!

To use with other don't starve games just change a line in the modinfo.lua. (Do this using a text editor.)


Change the

"api_version = 10" to "api_version = 6"


So api_version = 6 is for Don't Starve

and api_version = 10 is for Don't Starve Together


Date of this post: 24.Jan.15

api_versions may change, with updates and stuff to the game.


I changed the modname. (Now it has a [DST] in front of it).
Im new to the forums and didn't check how others named their mods, sorry about that.

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