[Character] Shovel Knight: The Blue Burrower 0.19.2

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About This File

This is a mod which adds in Shovel Knight as a playable character, and is being developed by BLsquared and Jade_KnightBlazer.

Shovel Knight's Stats:

80 Health

150 Hunger

120 Sanity

Can only use his own armor.

Craft Meal Tickets and Mana Potions to upgrade his Health and Sanity, respectively.

Craft upgrades to the Shovelblade!

Craft new Armors and Relics that only Shovel Knight can use!

Eat Turkey Dinners for an instant health and hunger refill!

Currently WIP: The rest of his lines need to be finished, among a few large updates we realized we can do.

0.19.2: Hotfix #2

Compatible with new DST update.

0.19.1: Relic Hotfix #1

Fixed crash when Client uses a Relic.

New in 0.19.0: The 2nd Relic Update

Added the Troupple Chalices!

Fixed the Ornate Plate crash.

Fixed private crafting.


Special thanks to Yacht Club Games for creating the original "Shovel Knight" character this is based upon, as well as to Ryuushu on the forums for help!

GitHub Page: https://github.com/BLsquared/ShovelKnightDST

What's New in Version 0.19.2   See changelog


  • Up to date with Steam.

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Nah that's a char. right there! Good job m8! Seems gr8, can't w8 till I got f8 to not make it more l8! I've no idea what am I saying! Just rolin', they hatin' xD

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Well, I've been needing to update this for awhile now.

The most current version is on the Steam Workshop, as well as on GitHub.

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