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  1. Link isn't working for me
  2. still crashing. I've shut my dedicated server down until the current patch(es) get sorted out.
  3. Thanks Screamer. I created the .lua with copy/paste from this thread in my DoNotStarveTogether folder (alongside my settings.ini, modoverride.lua, and server_token.txt files) on my rented Citadel Server, but the world setting changes are not being picked up when I create a new world. Can you confirm this is the correct file location?
  4. I will reiterate a questions that have been asked above but not answered satisfactorily. Do we need to create a script file in (referenced in the second spoiler) or is adding the worldgenoverride file sufficient to affect world gen settings? If we do need a script file in addition can someone please explain what it does.
  5. "crashed on start automatically disabled"
  6. Frostmourne

    My Frostmourne is invisible when I drop it on the ground. I also notice the mod info.lua file for the current version says 0.1 not 0.4. Is the posted version the correct/most up-to-date version? Very cool weapon. Thanks