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  1. My experience with Citadel has been great thus far. I've been renting a DST server with Citadel since April 2015. I have not had any significant lag issues. I'm running an 8 person server with about 60 server side mods. I pay a premium to have my server hosted in in NYC where I live. My ping to the server is ~40ms and for most others it's around 100ms. There have definately been a few hickups with the service, but Citadel's support team has been quick/helpful in responding to my quesitons/issues. I've opened about 12 support cases since I got started and they all have been resolved to my satisfaction. The most serious service hickup for me has been when my server was 'load balanced' to a data center outside NYC (even though I was paying to have it local), the support team quickly moved it back but the move hosed my world. Citadel has several user tools for backing up your world but no easy way to restore a world from those backups. I keep local copies of my config files (setting.ini, mods_setup.lua, modoverrides.lua, worldgenoverride.lua, etc.). Overall I would say I'm pleased with my service from Citadel. The server admin user interface and support staff are pretty solid and the performance has been good for me. I've recently moved my Ventrillo server to Citadel as well to consolidate my gaming server/services. I have recommend Citadel to friends who were interested in hosting dedicated DST worlds.
  2. Link isn't working for me
  3. still crashing. I've shut my dedicated server down until the current patch(es) get sorted out.
  4. Thanks Screamer. I created the .lua with copy/paste from this thread in my DoNotStarveTogether folder (alongside my settings.ini, modoverride.lua, and server_token.txt files) on my rented Citadel Server, but the world setting changes are not being picked up when I create a new world. Can you confirm this is the correct file location?
  5. I will reiterate a questions that have been asked above but not answered satisfactorily. Do we need to create a script file in (referenced in the second spoiler) or is adding the worldgenoverride file sufficient to affect world gen settings? If we do need a script file in addition can someone please explain what it does.
  6. "crashed on start automatically disabled"