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Caleb, the haunted child

This is my first complex mod, here are his general stats:

100 Sanity (goes down quite fast at night)

150 health

150 Hunger

If you find yourself going insane you will let out the creature haunting poor caleb. his stats are as follows:

75 Hunger (goes down really fast)

150 health

100 sanity

Night Vision

A lot of damage

The hunger rate will make your time as a super strong shadow creature fairly short unless you find a way to get a bunch of food. not to worry though, killing 2-3 shadow creatures will bring you back up (2 hits with an axe)

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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You should add at least a bit of description and

maybe a few pictures so people know what

this mod is doing.

well, i was planning on it once it was actually finished, this is only up right now for my friends to download and give back some feedback, likely by the time you read this it will be updated but thank you for the feedback regardless :)

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I'm confused, how do you use a .rar file? I tried putting it in the mods folder and it didn't work. Please help.


Download WinRar, click download again here, WinRar will open. Keep that window and open up the mods folder, then drag the folder from WinRar to the Don't Starve mods folder. Same thing for Don't Starve Together. Hope this helped!

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Very cool Character! REALLY REALLY Challenging to play! but in a good way, not a frustrating way, if you don't take it to heart and realize its a boy that is going insane! and being Terrorized, by his inner awakings, its a lot of fun! I only lasted one day... to give you an idea of how tough he is. not for the faint of hearts or beginners to Don't Starve.caleb.thumb.png.3e84c9571bf80103851bf54da9d9b631.png<-- Just some doodling I did to give this Character a face !

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