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  1. @JanH I use a Nintendo Switch. The bug involving the persisting flies sound effect for manure also applies to anything else that has flies, e.g. the pig heads on sticks. Also, the bug doesn't seem completely consistent, as sometimes, especially when the manure is placed down by the character, the flies react as intended. It happens in any save and any DLC, but it seems to only happen if they are made Hamlet compatible. Though, in worlds that are not Hamlet compatible, a different, but less detrimental bug exists. Flies don't make any noise at all when an object with them first spawns, until you get close enough for the flies effect to stop, then walk away from the object. The infinite shop music bug really is endless. Even when I save and quit, upon re-entering the world, the music is still playing. I haven't had the opportunity to go do a different DLC from the current one to see if the music stops, nor have I been able to build a shop in a different DLC to test the bug there (I haven't obtained the key to the city, nor have I built the Skyworthy, and as far as I'm aware, the Switch Edition does not have console commands to make this any easier). It happens every time I enter a shop for the first time, then the music never stops after that. I went back to see what that mysterious noise was that kept repeating was and I still can't quite tell what it is. I think it's either a noise a Weevole makes or it has something to do with the Iron Hulk Leg Piece. It doesn't go away if I reload the game, but I haven't seen a duplicate of this bug anywhere else so far. Hopefully these can help solve the issues. (The fourth video, with Willow, is the bug without the Hamlet DLC compatibility) Persistent and Inconsistent Flies.mp4 The Forever Shop Music (Part 1).mp4 The Forever Shop Music (Part 2).mp4 Flies Sound Fx Bug (No Hamlet).mp4 Mysterious Noise.mp4
  2. There seem to be some weird audio glitches, some that were in the initial beta release of Hamlet. Like, the sound of flies around manure persisting after picking it up. Also, there's a weird bug having to do with the shop music that plays when in the grocery store. It never stops. I entered the shop once and now the music seemingly never ends. It grows very faint at times but gets louder randomly. Lastly, some other noises, weird ones I can't quite pinpoint also continue to play over and over without what caused them being remotely nearby.
  3. I highly doubt this was meant to be, but when I got attacked by a horde of Rabid Beetles, they attacked me while still moving. As in they had their attack animation going while also still moving forward, giving me no chance to escape and ruining 3+ hours of play... I figured this was a glitch because I had only one attack me at first and it STOPPED MOVING while doing so. Please Address this issue! Hours and hours of future work depend upon it!
  4. When fog clears and transitions into rain, many times the rain noise never fades in. It just stays silent with the rain animation until you enter and exit a structure. I think the game sometimes doesn't check to see if the rain noise should be on during the transition from fog to rain, while when leaving a house or structure it does regardless.
  5. It seems for me that the noise will go away once you get far enough to where the sound is inaudible then come back. I think the game doesn't check to turn off the noise once the manure is picked up until you get far enough away, where it turns off the noise regardless.
  6. I am not sure if it was an artifact that has yet to be added or was removed, but I found this object and it can't be sold to artifact trading pigs. Also, whilst in my inventory, there is no image (see second picture with a wet "nothing" in my backpack). Is it important? Will it be important later? Please let me know.
  7. I'm confused, how do you use a .rar file? I tried putting it in the mods folder and it didn't work. Please help.