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[DST] Wark the Chocobo 0.8.1

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About This File


This mod introduces Wark the Chocobo to Don't Starve Together! She is a chocobo from the Final Fantasy Fables series of games, the type of chocobo that is commonly refered to as the "chibi" chocobo!

She comes with her own speech file, diet, art assets, and a neat little mechanic for those who can make it through winter!


Health: 150

Sanity: 120

Hunger: 170


*Eats like a bird.

Wark is a primary herbivore, meaning that she mainly eats vegetation, like vegetables and cut grass; however she is secondarily omnivorous, capable of eating fish, eggs, and many other foods. However, do to her crop lacking the enzymes capable of breaking down red meat, she cannot eat nor digest meats other than fish. Rejoice; however, because she has both a crop and a stomach, she can hold a lot of food in her, and because she is a savanna bird, her digestive system is more efficient!

*Runs like a bird.

Chocobos are quick on their feet, her light frame and powerful legs allow her to maintain a sprint at around 50% the speed of an average human. However, this speed likely comes from a constant fear of being eaten; so unfortunately this begets a lower sanity.

*Moults... like a bird.

You'd think all those feathers would make her a little warmer in winter, but being an arid plains creature she prefers warmer and more temperate climates, so her plumage is thin to allow better temperature control. So in reality, her winter coat isn't that useful at all, but it still sheds it at the start of summer. Maybe that would be useful?

Right now the mod is playable and very much balanced how I want her to be, so I am releasing it early because I will be gone for a few days and unable to do some of the final visual and gameplay tweaks before version 1.0. She is DST only because I started making her for DST long before it occurred to me that making a character backwards compatible would be a pain in the tail-feathers. I'd then have to do a lot of balancing and mechanicing for DS and ROG, so for now she will be DST only until I get better at this.


Her diet is going to be a pain in the caboose if you are super reliant on meatballs. I'd definitely suggest learning how to survive in DST without meat before committing to Wark, but if you love the games sadistic RNG as much as I do, you won't even bother. Until I add some features surrounding the crockpot, think dragonpie.

To this extent, you can eat cut grass in a pinch, it doesn't do much for you, but it's better than nothing. Also, she can eat fish and eggs, so think about fishing and getting a pet bird.

To Do:

v 1.0

Some minor tweaks to the art assets.

Some minor dialogue tweaks.

Some minor balance changes to cut grass. -Complete

Adding a better crockpot support, as well as a unique Gysahl, Mimett, and Tantal Greens Recipe. Will turn these into crops in later versions.

Later versions:

Adding a custom voice.

Affixing a better tail to the sprite.

Adding a small mail bag unique item.

Possibly adding a job mechanic, such a white and black mage classes, including white mage hood and black mage hat.

Converting her to a Paleognath, along with custom animations, ect.

Apparently making her ride-able.

More to come later,

Break out your Busdriver because I need to do my shout outs now:

Thanks to @Dleowolf for the Character Template and helping solve Wark's tail.

Thanks to @Mobbstar for putting up with my constant questions.

Thanks to @Kzisor for helping with Wark's diet.

and big Thanks to @rezecib for literally doing all the hard parts for me.

Enjoy! PM me with any comments, issues, and suggestions if you really want me to read them, sigh exasperatedly, then bug everyone else on how to do cede to your demands.

What's New in Version 0.8.1   See changelog


  • v 0.8.1
  • Balanced the cutgrass file a little.
  • Updated modinfo.lua.

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PLZPLZPLZ do this for steam workshop! I really wan to play but I cant install winzip, and I hate moving files around.

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PLZPLZPLZ do this for steam workshop! I really wan to play but I cant install winzip, and I hate moving files around.


Its up!

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@WaffleTactic Depends!

If you have it on steam, then "subscribe" to Wark from the workshop page, if not; take the zip folder and paste it into .../dontstarvetogether/mods folder and extract it. If you are using windows, just open it like any other folder and click extract at the top of the menu.

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Dont have DST and wont be getting it... [ i dont play well with others] but i will be egerly waiting for a ROG or regler verzen!.

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How do I install this?

Extracket the zip files and go into the file and copy or cut the file... [ the file u cut/copy will go into the asoted files] after wich go into the DST "Dont Starve Together",  put the file into thed mods file and wala!

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Dont have DST and wont be getting it... [ i dont play well with others] but i will be egerly waiting for a ROG or regler verzen!.


Well, here's to hoping I ever do that!

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this mod is simply adorable! will you please do DS ROG and SW versions of this? I would simply love to play DS as my fave type of bird!

EDIT: I hope you dont mind but I used Dleowolf's ESCTEMPATE mod to recreate this for DS and RoG using your art...sorry bout that...your arts gorgeous btw...I've kept it as a private mod because of this... it also doesn't have the same perks (cuz I'm an idiot at code)...just wanted to let you know that I really do adore your mod! and if you ever wanted to port it to the original game I'm more then happy to share what Ive converted already to help you out!

again sorry for using the art without asking

regardless do have a fantastic day!

Edited by Siletrea
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