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[Shipwrecked] Suggestion to keep the Sealnado just as difficult, but not as punishing for people in their first year

Fixing the Sealnado  

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  1. 1. Is it too difficult to avoid (NOT dodge, but avoid combat with) the Sealnado?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. What changes should be made to make it easier to avoid (NOT dodge, but avoid combat with) the Sealnado?

    • Allow it to despawn when far away
    • Prevent the Sealnado from following you when you are far away
    • No changes should be made
    • Other
  3. 3. Otherwise, what do you think of the Sealnado's strength, as a boss?

    • Perfectly balanced
    • Needs to be buffed
    • Needs to be nerfed

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(I apologize if somebody has already mentioned this)

I'm pretty darn good (arrogance not intentional, please don't hate me) at Don't Starve (made it to day 573 on RoG before my hard drive failed), but I've never managed to see the Monsoon Season, simply because the Sealnado kills me every time.  The first four times it killed me despite my best efforts to get away.  The fifth time I actually managed to get away, and I sailed three islands away.  A day or two later, I discovered that it followed me (albeit slowly) all the way there!

I feel that this makes the Sealnado punishing rather than difficult.  If we don't want to fight the Sealnado, we should at least have the ability to run away.

Here are my proposed options:

  1. Make the Sealnado despawn once the player is 5-10 screens away, however you want to tweak it.  If you've traveled across the world to get away from that thing, it should not follow you forever.  You should not be forced to be at a boss-fighting stage by Day 30.  This will make the Sealnado just as difficult as it was before when trying to fight it, but actually gives you a chance when trying to escape it.
  2. Make it so that the Sealnado is only hostile if the player is within attack range.  So if the player leaves the area, the Sealnado will just move randomly, like with hounds.  This removes the necessity of making the Sealnado despawn if you don't want that to happen.
  3. I don't know, you guys are the developers.  You've done a fantastic job so far, I'm sure you'll find a solution for this! ;)

I also suggest that the Selnado waits a bit longer before using its Area of Effect attack.  Sometimes you don't even get the opportunity to run away!

It's possible that the Sealnado actually is not too difficult as a boss, but it is definitely true that it is too difficult to not fight.  Players should have the option to not fight.  The consequence?  No turbines, no magic seal, completely fair.  Don't Starve should be a difficult game, not a punishing game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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