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  1. Combined Status

    For some reason the temperature thingy kinda feels like cheating... but I guess it's more realistic, as you would know when you are about frozen to death in real life... I don't know, I guess I'll leave it on. This is probably my favorite mod, thank you. =)
  2. Craftable Gramaphone

    I love you. Seriously, my favorite mod. It's too OP though, because my theme song being repeatedly played over and over again inspires me to be approximately 3.74x as good at Don't Starve. It's a fantastic mod!
  3. Smarter Crock Pot

    Nobody ever goes to the second comments page, do they...? Well, that stinks.
  4. Smarter Crock Pot

    BUG REPORT!!! On Shipwrecked, this prevents the boat's health meter from displaying, and, even worse, removed the slots for the boat's light and sail. I love this mod, please fix this bug!
  5. Combined Status

    Oh, HEY!! I didn't realize there was a second settings page! That's FANCY! Thank you! =D
  6. Combined Status

    I LOVE this mod!!! My only complaint is that the information in the top left are a bit smaller than I'd like. This is my favorite mod so far!
  7. Temmie DST

    That's a HUGE coincidence! I thought of this mod idea two days ago, and I accidentally stumbled across this! XD
  8. Difficulty

    YES! I've been thinking about this for a while, and I think it would be a fantastic idea to do crop rotation. Somebody should start a poll!