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[PS4] No glommer statue on map; terror beaks not despawning properly

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#1) A friend and I have basically walked the entire map (uncovered about 98% - minus a few tiny bits in other biomes not related to deciduous) from edge to edge, finding two deciduous forests. Neither has glommer's statue, although one has the pigking with the pig village as expected. From my understanding, glommer is supposed to always spawn in the one where pigking is located. I've thoroughly covered each deciduous forest (leaving no undiscovered turf), and have even completely looked in the other biomes to see if he somehow has spawned elsewhere.

#2) When fighting terror beaks, they're not despawning. You hit them and they don't disappear briefly like they're supposed to do, they just stay as if you never hit them and continuously chew through armor. Night crawlers are behaving as they should though.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Check deciduous forests ---------------------------------------------------- 1. Engage in battle with terror beak

User Feedback

I have seen the terror beaks attack normal, but sometimes they spawn once and are constantly attacking without disappearing. 

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Same issue here, Terrorbeaks has killed me twice by now cause they do not disappear when you hit them, so they stay there, without flinching, and destroy you.

I run from them now, but it's pretty tedious.

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1) The Glommer statue is not guaranteed to be every world. It looks like you were unlucky enough to find one without.

2) Terrorbeaks not disappearing temporarily when hit is a known issue in both the PC and PS4 versions of DST


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