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  1. Btw the day 3 save I had- I reset to the beginning of the day, and the caves worked on day 3 for us, but when we tried the caves later on day 19 it kicked him off again.
  2. Is anyone else still having problems with their caves in old saves? I will try a new world, but the two worlds I had definitely arent working. Is there something we should do besides download the update?
  3. Props for the dst team for responding and working on the issue so quickly ^.^ thank you.
  4. I usually play in endless, after reading your post I tried survival mode instead and had a friend try and enter a cave on day 1. It still kicks him off.
  5. Idk if this helps- I notice in regular dont starve I spam, stun lock enemies like pigs, spiders, etc. In dst its rarely possible. Also mc tusk is impossible to hit if theres anything else around him like hounds or spiders you immediately switch to attacking them.
  6. I have seen the terror beaks attack normal, but sometimes they spawn once and are constantly attacking without disappearing.
  7. I am attaching the save files- slot 2 (day 3 ) and slot 5 (day 62) are the two that have problems. I didn't try entering the caves with friends in the other files. dst
  8. Restarting the ps4, or dst doesn't help the problem for us. Also Ive seen a sinkhole work as a wormhole instead of a cave. There will be the loading screen like its loading a cave world, but you jump out a different sinkhole.
  9. Tried this several different ways. I had a friend try to enter the cave in my world before and after me, but each time he would get an error and have to login again. This was also like this in the beta, but after an update I thought it was fixed. Also I tried going in caves alone and then inviting him, but the invite button disappears. This is bad lol I need help with the ruins >.<