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  1. #1) A friend and I have basically walked the entire map (uncovered about 98% - minus a few tiny bits in other biomes not related to deciduous) from edge to edge, finding two deciduous forests. Neither has glommer's statue, although one has the pigking with the pig village as expected. From my understanding, glommer is supposed to always spawn in the one where pigking is located. I've thoroughly covered each deciduous forest (leaving no undiscovered turf), and have even completely looked in the other biomes to see if he somehow has spawned elsewhere. #2) When fighting terror beaks, they're not despawning. You hit them and they don't disappear briefly like they're supposed to do, they just stay as if you never hit them and continuously chew through armor. Night crawlers are behaving as they should though.
  2. Hopefully they address it within the next patch. For now, I'm staying out of the volcano. My bootybag seems to be working again. However, I've noticed sandy piles on the island where my base is located will not regrow. It's been 2 seasons, and only one has regenerated.
  3. After dry season was over and mild season began, I decided to go and explore inside the volcano. I spent one night inside of it and decided to return to my base. When I exited the volcano, I noticed it was pouring down really hard. Upon arriving at my base, I could see the world had a very green color to it, there was flooding, and saw the red bees spawning from a beebox indicating it was definitely monsoon season. It appears that entering the volcano has made me jump two seasons, and the days are also subtracted. I've also noticed my bootybag no longer drops dubloons after this bug has occurred. TLDR; -volcano reset my days and seasons -was 3 or 4 days into mild season before entering volcano, and upon exiting, I was in monsoon season -days are missing... went from day 167 to day 147 -only spent one full night inside the volcano -previously visted and entered volcano before without any issues, so this was my second time going inside it -bootybag no longer drops dubloons after this bug happened... I took the bootybag off inside the volcano and put it back on.. it's been days and no dubloons have dropped even though i've worn it consistently so the timer doesn't reset -didn't notice until it was too late -this save file didn't have another world linked/merged with it Also, not sure if this is intended or not, but thermal stones will not stay icey cold for more than about 10 seconds. It seems broken.
  4. Thank you for looking into it. I also wanted to mention that I saved the last 14 minutes of our gameplay, which started halfway through day 19. As soon as day 20 started, I see the save icon appear in the top right corner. Another save icon in the bottom right appeared after i crafted a helmet. The start of day 21 also got the "saving" notification too. Towards the end of the video on day 21, another save icon appeared 4 in-game hours, but this time at the bottom right corner. I'm not sure what triggers the bottom right save icon sometimes, I'm guessing from crafting or inventory has changed maybe. Please let me know if you need the video, or the other player's psn id/save file. I can grab those from him, or get him to upload the save on the forum. Edit: Forgot to mention that all his gifts he received from both the missing save file and the other save affected still remained and were available in his collection. Those are the only things that seemed to save.
  5. A friend and I also experienced this same issue today. We got to day 21 yesterday (July 25), and today (July 26) the entire world was gone. One thing we noticed was that his "encounters" were missing, as if we never played together. His other save file had also been affected too, it rolled back by one day from day 7 to 6. It seems as though the game stopped saving progress for him, long before he started the second save slot. -He was the host, save was on slot #2. Public server with password. -No splitscreen, I joined his server and it was just us two with no other players joining. -We noticed it disappeared this evening (July 26) when we atempted to pick up where we left off. His first save file was still there, but it had rolled back an entire day. -His encounters were missing. -Both he and I disconnected and closed the game normally. -No game crash.
  6. The restoration of R2 back to classic controller layout is greatly appreciated, thank you. I must have pressed R2 a million times trying to open my inventory lol.
  7. Thanks @SuperPsiPower! I see it listed in a previous update. I haven't been able to play on steam in some months so I've missed some of the updates for DST. And I'll beefalo away
  8. During winter I've noticed the audio is muffled down a lot, almost dull. I had to turn my volume up just to hear much of anything. This includes the winter music and in-game sounds. Also, the word "beefalo" is considered a bad word and being censored out in chat. I attempted to spell it different ways, but it kept filtering it out. I believe if I remember correctly, I got "beef a lo" to go through.
  9. I've also been having some issues with the crockpot. I put in a piece of meat and attempt to put in my three fillers of choice, but sometimes the third filler will disappear back into my inventory or back into the icebox.
  10. Yasssssss! Thank you so much, waiting for my download to finish!!
  11. Hello, Thank you @Klei for the PS4 beta invite! I'm really excited to test for bugs on behalf of the don't starve community. I was wondering if it's okay to shareplay or stream gameplay? -PosterxG1rl
  12. I just got my invite and Beta keys last night, thank you Klei! btw, I'm new to playing Don't starve on PC. I've been playing it on PS4 and can't wait to get support to use a controller lol.