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Getting out of sinkhole is impossible for friends

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**Note that this bug wasn't like that last week**


My friends can enter the sinkhole. The problem is when they try to get out. They get stuck in a infinite loop and then this message pop up (screenshot from my friend) :


When they join back they are trapped in the cave. Oddly enough they were able to play normaly in the server.

We both made sure that our version of the game was on the latest version. 


Yet nothing changed... we tried to see if i would be affected in his world and i didnt get the error. Though when ever a random player tries to get out of MY cave they get stuck.

Ive tried to create a new world but the same phenomenon happens:


Like previously mentioned this is really recent. Last week me and my friend raided the ruin just fine and he had no problem getting out of the cave. This bug applies to any person trying to get out of my caves.

In the hope you guys can find what is wrong :(

Steps to Reproduce
-Create a world with a friend -Make friend go in sinkhole -Make him go out of sinkhole
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User Feedback

In the last days the servers of PS4 are really very strange, the official servers of the klei with pings of 10 k, and several bugs in my servers and of my friends, like for example: animals sleeping during the day and do not wake up more, mobs disappearing  in front of us, crashes out of the ordinary, rain during the summer .... and other bizarre things are happening in the last days :wilsondisappointed:

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That's very strange, we haven't updated since the start of May so I don't know why this would suddenly start happening to you. I'll look into it and see if I can reproduce the problem.

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Little update :

I've tried deleting the game and redownloading it but it didnt change anything.

@CharlesB if you need anymore information just ask and i will do my best to provide the said information that you need.

Thanks in advance !

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I did notice last night on my world i went through a wormhole and at the other end i had 3 smallbirds and a tallbird on the other end. What is weird is there are no nests in that area, plus the tallbird was in a coma(lol), it just slept 24 hours a day no matter what was around it. I've never seen anything like this before.

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