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worldgen still borked (no crust, biomes venting)

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

the last patch mentioned a crust being generated to prevent biomes leaking into space.

Added a "crust" to several worlds to prevent upper biomes leaking into space. 

however, worldgen is still the same.

I've generated three worlds since the patch and every single one of them has leaks to space and no sign of any "crust"

I attached the most recent one, I generated it just minutes ago.

worldgen borked.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  1. generate world
  2. look around in debug mode
  3. see that no asteroid has a crust and there's lots of leaks to space
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User Feedback


Hi @Bestyan_, we made the crusts contain a mixture of three elements hand picked from the biomes found near the surface. Previously those pockets of salt water and oxygen below the circled area would've been exposed to space and this "caps" them. You might be thinking of the full surface biome found on the main world, which these smaller world do not have. 

The world with the crashed satellite has an intentional break in the surface. There are still cases where POIs will break through borders.

Example salty crust (salt, granite, sand) from your attached save. 


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On 12/12/2020 at 2:16 AM, sakura_sk said:

@EricKlei the crust below got a little.. too crispy in the middle. :D Is that also intended?


Not intended but I think it looks neat don't you think? Makes me want to build a room there overlooking rocket pads built to the left.


On 12/12/2020 at 3:22 PM, Sith515 said:

Flex seal can't fix that (seed SWMP-C-1094378279-0 )029216af92.jpg

This is the intentional break I mentioned with the crashed satellite. The base you started there is looking interesting.

To clarify our goal with the crusts is they are not meant to perfectly seal gases/liquids from escaping but provide a texture to the surface and make the transition to space a bit more natural looking.

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