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  1. I deployed a trailblazer from my CO2 rocket and it landed on the planet, but there's no dupe in it, he's still in the solo nosecone. Starving Galaxy.sav
  2. the last patch mentioned a crust being generated to prevent biomes leaking into space. Added a "crust" to several worlds to prevent upper biomes leaking into space. however, worldgen is still the same. I've generated three worlds since the patch and every single one of them has leaks to space and no sign of any "crust" I attached the most recent one, I generated it just minutes ago. worldgen borked.sav
  3. handy (+3 construction) and unconstructive (no building) are contradictive traits and shouldnt appear in the same dupe
  4. I built a sourgas boiler with no supercoolant in a sandbox save. now as its running, I am noticing a weird phenomenom. In the last counterflow section there is a vacuum tile forming where the sour gas condenses (so far so good), but it persists. the gases from the tile above and below it do not move into the vacuum tile, which leads to the curious situation of: 40 kg gas pressure (sour gas) vacuum 1 mcg gas pressure (sour gas) The situation resolves itself after reloading, but only for a moment before it again, with the vacuum tile forming on the lower end of the last shaft and moving upwards tile by tile. The miniscule amounts of gas below the vacuum tile also dont exchange heat with the -230°C hydrogen thats running in radiant pipes.
  5. If a dupe dies on one asteroid, all dupes get the mourning debuff. This doesnt make sense since the "new friend" buff is only applied to dupes on the same asteroid. the scope of these buffs/debuffs should be the same
  6. I have an abandoned rocket that's floating in orbit. I also have entombment warnings for all the modules on this rocket. clicking on them takes me to the bottom left corner of my starting asteroid. I have another abandoned rocket in space that does not have this problem.
  7. My rocket "Wandering Mars I" deployed a high velocity payload above Yuckano (400 kg gold, 50kg bleach stone, some waterweed seeds). none of the payloads made it to the surface of Yuckano. However I found one of the packages on Leafilios (200 kg gold), the others remain missing. I checked the surface of all my asteroids and there's no payloads there.
  8. I just landed on Yuckano (the tungsten volcano asteroid) with a scout rover. I had to search around for a bit until the map wasnt all black. I had almost no visible tiles on the surface, so I just clicked on a valid placement for the scout rover, which led to this floating scout rover lander
  9. the "copy building" hotkey is B by default. I have not changed that. if I click on an existing, built critter drop-off and press B, nothing happens If I click on the "copy" button next to the building menu, it works the hotkey works for every other building, it even works for critter drop-offs that aren't built yet, just placed. but not for built ones
  10. a duplicant that has an oxygen mask equipped is able to pass an atmosuit checkpoint without changing into an atmosuit. instead he keeps his mask on and proceeds. in my case this lead to a heavily scalded dupe. on his way back, he then drops the oxygen mask at the atmosuit checkpoint I dont really know what the intended behavior is, but it surely isnt this
  11. I have a rocket that is stranded 1 tile away from the orbit of the main asteroid it has 25 kg of fuel left and a range of 1 tiles, yet the rocket won't move with the "stranded" warning I used the rocket to research more starmap tiles and had the rocket control station temperarily disabled in case it matters, I've attached the view of the interior
  12. in order to research the starmap beyond the first 3 asteroids, you need to build a telescope inside a spacefarer module and research the tiles while the rocket is in space if you fully explored the starmap on the home asteroid, the telescope in the rocket will say "fully explored" and not generate any errands to research deconstructing and building it fixes this problem temporarily until you have fully explored your surroundings. when you move the rocket to the next tile, it's the same problem: telescope says "fully explored" - deconstruct - build - now it works
  13. a stressed dupe with the clutch status will lose that status upon reloading the save when going below the stressed threshold and then over again, the clutch status reappears.
  14. this doesnt happen consistently, but I've had 4 crashes in the past 2 hours. every time it happens, I hear the "research completed" sound as it goes to the crash screen, so I guess that's the cause
  15. the title of the production order screen says "Microbe Musher Production Orders" for both grill and gas range