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Radbolt Joint Plate can't be built with the receiver port over Drywall

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The Radbolt Joint Plate cannot be built over Drywall even if the tile portion of the building is clear and only the receiver port has a drywall tile, both tiles must be clear before the building can be placed.

In the images below I have the building over two drywall tiles and then just a single one and it can't be placed




Both tiles must be removed for the Joint Plate to be placeable



Once the Joint Plate is placed, the Drywall construction can then be ordered





Steps to Reproduce
  1. Have two tiles of drywall and try to place the radbolt joint plate over them - it won't let you
  2. Now remove either the left or right one (depending on the joint plate orientation) and try to place the joint plate with only the receiver port over the drywall - it still won't let you place the building
  3. Remove the remaining drywall - it now lets you place the joint plate
  4. Drywall can be rebuilt once the joint plate is built
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User Feedback

not resolved.

is this some limitation of an engine?
I think this is the only structure that covers the background partially. which might make it a pain to set the proper limitations?

I hope a fix will come so you can build over the drywall, or give it a background so gasses don't escape into space. cause now it causes confusion. as a third option you could change it's looks so it's more obvious that a drywall is needed after a build.


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