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Priority Numbers Disappeared

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Not sure how to reproduce this but   it glitched out and happened.

In the priority screen tool.  Either hitting the hotkey or choosing from the menu icons at bottom right.
Some of my constructions, and dig orders no longer shows the numbers and can't be changed either.   Choosing a number and dragging over the area does not change them either.

Solution was to save and reload and it worked again but during game play  its bugged.



Steps to Reproduce

Not sure how to reproduce.

User Feedback

This is not a bug. You are selecting which type of errands to prioritize from the bottom right corner selection. You chose "Duties" so it doesnt show or allow you to change other types of errands

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30 minutes ago, Ipsquiggle said:

@RonEmpire would you be able to confirm if Jackblac's suggestion is correct? Thanks!

That is quite possibly what happened.  Let's close this as non bug for now and if it happens again.  I'll look over the tool filter again to make sure.

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