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Printing Pod stops working after building a porta pod without activation

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I built a porta pod in an asteroid I teleported a duplicant to, I didn't activate the porta pod but the portal at my original planet stopped working.

Steps to Reproduce

Go to another asteroid, I teleported and then build a porta pod.

User Feedback

It does not ultimately stop, it's just not printing as long as the porta-pod is not activated. So the countdown goes on and when it reaches 0 seconds, it simply resets to 3 cycles instead of givinga blueprint selection. As soon as you activate the porta-pod, it is able to print again, but you won't get those missed printouts back, no matter how bad you need them at this point where you just spli your colony into two.

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I have this issue as well.  I have two Porta-Pods built.  One is activated and another is not.  If I don't have the resources to send a Duplicant to either deconstruct or activate this Porta-Pod I'll never get another Blueprint?  Is this working as intended or is it a bug?  It sure seems like a bug.

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