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Gold Volcano/molten gold freezes liquid to -268C

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Description: One gold volcano on my map excessively cools surrounding liquids, how much depending on the liquid. water (and variants) hit -268C. Tested on waters, crude oil, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and magma. So I assume it extends to all liquids with the exception of the gold which retains its usual properties. Effect only occurs during eruptions and otherwise heat exchange between the resulting cool liquid and hot gold occurs as normal. This bit is annoying as i have 95% of water freezing and the rest turns into superheated steam overheating any machinery in the room.

Tempshift plates made of ice placed directly behind the volcano immediately melt during eruption before immediately freezing again. Excessive amounts of liquid result in natural tile forming. The amount of cooling seems to be dependent on the liquid, crude oil at 150C dropped to -160C, magma at 1700C dropped to 1300C before solidifying, liquid iron only lost 100C. I assume its due to thermal properties. 

Note: just tested using brush in sandbox, its just gold. apparently liquid gold formed by any means freezes liquids on contact, regardless of amount or temperature.

This bug may have been mentioned previously:

Sulphur Geyser freezing water

Aluminium Volcano freezes water

Gold Volcano Freezes Water/saltwater

Gold volcano freezes water

Sorry to re-add but the last one was created in July. 

Mods: None installed, nor have ever been installed.

Steps to Reproduce

Can be reproduced in sandbox, drop some molten gold on water.Keep vacuum for consistency. 10kg at 2700C works well. 

User Feedback

I tried to understand what was happening in this situation but failed... Is your bug happening on the second planetoid like the other ones on the list? It's not only the super freezing of liquids. Liquid/gas mechanics don't work properly in a vertical zone to the right most side of the second planetoid. Gas coming out of a vent, can't displace liquid in a certain build. It also can't happen for the get go or at least I wasn't able to reproduce it on a fresh save file.

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Looked at the save file from the other bug report and yes, its the same planetoid (3rd planetoid).

From what you said about the right hand side vertical zone i started playing around. If you recall at the beginning of DLC there was a bug where you could "see" things from adjacent planetoids? construction, priorities, animations etc.  I compared a few saves with and without the bug, the two with the bug had one thing in common, you could see the plant uproot animation from the adjacent planetoid (planetoid no. 2, left hand side), whereas for the non buggy version you cant see the animation at all. Where you are no longer able to observe the plant uproot animation from planetoid 2 is exactly the same point on planetoid 3 where the super cooling bug stops. 

I dont have a huge sample size to work with so it could just be coincidence. 

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