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Dupes stuck emptying Oil Well

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What happens is that a dupe stands idle next to the Oil Well, doing nothing, but the Well and the Dupe seem to be reserved for "emptying". At the end of the cycle, the dupe leaves, the Well unemptied. Next cycle, it usually works. Save & reload makes it work.

One special condition: I only feed the Well 500g/s of Water, so it starts/stops all the time. Hence this looks like a race-condition somewhere in there.

In the attaches save, with backpressure set to 1%, I see this about 2 times in 10 emptying events, hence it is not that rare. A few minutes at most should make it happen.

Steps to Reproduce

Seems to be random. Not really rare though, I saw it in 2 of 10 emptying events in an experiment with the attached save. Run the save for a few minutes and wait for it. 


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User Feedback

Not quite the same from the description, but probably related. In my case the dupe remains stuck with no progress even though the Well gets re-enabled. 

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I also have had this issue.  For me, it happened because the oil reservoir had an off signal sent to it.  I attached a duplicant motion sensor to detect if a duplicant was there, but it caused my oil pool to overflow, as one of my oil wells is in a standard duplicant path to the oil biome.

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