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  1. Solutions: Make a place to store this stuff make it sweep only prio 9 and seal it of by a closed door. Take the hatchling eggs and release them into your toilet area they will only eat dirt and not the polluted dirt, the coal they release don't have germs on them. Store it in a hot or cold place so that the germs will die off. Store it in a place with chlorine it will kill teh germs very fast, and with the DLC radiation should also be usable to kill germs. And there are way more ways i think? BTW this is no way a bug it's a problem where you need some help so solve it. The only part that may be called a bug i think is that sometimes it doesn't state how much visits are left.
  2. This problem has been reported for years and for so far i know never had a reaction from Klei and has never been fixed so i would say it's by design? The Motion sensor should fix your problem, and for the water problem i have never ran into that problem. I use water between 10 to 20 degrees Celsius and run that through 2 or 3 polymer presses to cool then down and then pass through my oil storage to cool it down a bit and then into the well, water temp is around 70c and the room also there is yust no way to get water to 95 degrees if you don't use to hot water, let say below 40+c.
  3. I do also have some game crashes in the latest build related to memory. Strange thing is a have 16 Gib of memory and around 6 free when running the game with the DLC. I have a second monitor running YouTube using Chrome, the browser tabt crashes because of out of memory at the same time as ONI crashes. I have been using this setup like this for more then a year now so it seems strange to be running out of memory now suddenly. Only change have been newer ONI version, Chrome version and newest Nvidia driver. First thing i'm going to try is the driver before the updating. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_487891_20211128-21.42.25.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_487891_20211128-22.11.02.dmp
  4. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/457140/view/2512394801628779315
  5. No need to deconstruct it, i placed a dupe motion sensor neer the oil well to activate the oil well when a dupe arrives at the oil well so it stays activated until the dupe is finishend (needs water to perform this task). The other trick for shutting down the water i haven't used because i like to fix it with automation, but as stated by Helium3 it may not work anymore.
  6. Try disabling your anti virus, it seems some antivirus programs have problems. If this works activate your anti virus again and add all .exe files from the oni game directory to the white list/exclusion list. For more info:
  7. Know issue, not seen a response from klei yet. See link below for workarounds.
  8. This has already been posted multiple times, i have not yet seen klei react to it. 2 fixes are stopping the liquid into the oil wel instead of disabling the oil well, so no use for the automation port or use a duplicant motion sensor and a or gate to always active the well if a dupe is around.
  9. I do belief that replacing the left tile under the storage with airflow or mesh tile will stop the heat exchange if i'm correct. Beter yet store very hot or cold liquids in a vacuum on a mesh or airflow tile, there will be 0 heat exchange
  10. What versions are you using? I do not have this problem with build 472345. Could you share your save file so we can have a look if this problem also happens with others?
  11. It seems funny but 3 years later this bug still exists , at least in the latest build of spaced out. After a sweep almost everything constructed in the last couple of cycles had 0 germs but could be disinfected, same for almost all laders and some storage bins. I do indeed think a dupe had some germs on them and did spread these, the few germs that did remain on the materials did die of fast. It seems that indeed a flag gets set after being infected that doesn't get unset unless you disinfect, i would think that this would get unset after reaching 0 germs or being disinfected.
  12. Your dupe is missing level 1 digging, so he can't dig level 1 material like fossil, he has level 2 digging so he can dig level 2 materials. seems not logical but it is If you mouse over the skills in the skill tree it states witch materials to dig it unlocks.
  13. This also has been reported some time back: So far i have not yet seen a response from Klei so maybe it is designed this way, you can work around this by using a duplicant motion sensor to activate the well if a dupe is around.
  14. This has been like this (in Spaced Out!) for a long time, when a dupe exhales or polluted dirt/mud or slime/oxylite is present the liquid will be pushed away or even (if it is really small quantity) disappear. I fill the bottom tile with with a heavier liquid like 100kg to 150kg salt water or brine and then mop any leftover from the higher tiles, then then put 200kg of water on top of that. By using 2 liquids and not filling the bottom tile with 1000kg of liquid you can remove the lock by mopping the liquids.