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What is this null tile?

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What is the tile under the mouse pointer in the screen shot? (Just above the vending machine.)

Even a vacuum would have a tool tip, but this tile does not. There is no tooltip for the tile and you can not click on it.

It may be similiar to the fog of war, especially seeing how it is in a POI of the vending machine. But a fog of war should have been removed... I rummaged through the vending machine already, and I deconstructed the security door. (A few tiles to the left of the vending machine, the copper is still on the ground.)

Screenshot at 2018-12-22 01-31-49.png

The Space Sewer.sav

Steps to Reproduce
load save game, examine tile.

User Feedback

Try to take a duplicant in this zone, with a ladder.

It's probably an issue due to the nullyfier room that seems to have been placed above the vending machine room (which should also have a table and a broken light bulb, on the right.

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Its just a tile in the shadows, not yet revealed. It happens sometimes when rooms are not fully discovered. Its only a cosmetic bug. Once you get a dupe there, it vanishs.

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@Gwido and @SharraShimada, you guys are typically correct that a duplicant needs to visit the area. But I have seen the three dark spots above the vending machine remain even after that area is revealed. These three squares are persistent, so I believe this is a valid bug.

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