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  1. This still does not work in QOL MK III. I noticed that the tool has changed in this version, but even with the changes the tool is not as useful as it was in the past. In the past the tool only changed the priority of power systems when the power overlay was selected, or plumbing pipes and pumps when the pipes overlay was selected. IMHO, this was much more useful than just filtering to "Construction Tasks" because I could prioritize which construction tasks, not all of them.
  2. This is still a problem in QoL MK III
  3. I can confirm that this is still happening in Qol MK III. The auto sweeper just stops. The priorities are set properly on the storage and it will start working again after re-loading the game.
  4. This issue is still happening in QoL MK II
  5. This is still happening in QoL MK II. Can we please get this fixed and revert back to the old way of using the priority tool?
  6. Yes, I had a similar issue a few months back and learned it was working as intended. A dupe must have the electrical engineering trait in order to build the Heaviwatt Conductives Wires/Joint plates.
  7. In the screenshots, you can see Nikola wearing his exosuit immediately before singing a lullaby to the egg in an incubator. As soon as the animation of him hugging the incubator begins, his exosuit helmet disappears. (And it returns when he leaves the incubator.)
  8. When an incubator loads from a saved game, the "CONTINUOUS" button is always reset to be checked even if it was turned off in prior to the last save.
  9. In previous ONI updates, the priority tool worked better. When using the tool, clicking on a tile makes everything in that tile the chosen priority. That is still the case. However, when looking at just ventilation, or just plumbing, automation, etc, when using the priority tool it used to affect only the displayed system. i.e. when looking at plumbing systems, the priority tool would only change the priority on pipes or plumbing related items. Now it changes the entire tile. IMO, it was a much more versatile tool in the past and the loss of functionality is crippling.
  10. What is the tile under the mouse pointer in the screen shot? (Just above the vending machine.) Even a vacuum would have a tool tip, but this tile does not. There is no tooltip for the tile and you can not click on it. It may be similiar to the fog of war, especially seeing how it is in a POI of the vending machine. But a fog of war should have been removed... I rummaged through the vending machine already, and I deconstructed the security door. (A few tiles to the left of the vending machine, the copper is still on the ground.) The Space Sewer.sav
  11. I think this is related... I was going to post a new topic when I saw yours... I have a room that I just created for slicksters. The room is enclosed and I put some air flow tiles on the top to allow excess CO2 to escape. However, as shown by my screenshots, there is no equilibrium, the CO2 in the room has about 2k pressure in each tile, while the tiles above the air flow tiles on the top of the room have a pressure of roughly 400. By contrast, the pressure in the tiles below the mesh at the bottom is also 2k; so it appears that mesh tiles are allowing airflow.
  12. This has been happening as long as I remember and has been reported previously. My "guess" is that it is Working as Intended or just not important enough to track down. Theoretically it can be exploited to get someone with stats that you want by reloading the game until you get someone good; but most of the time it is not worth the hassle of reloading the game... just wait 3 days for new choices. (And honestly, once you have played long enough, most people are usable if not ideal, especially since the Occupation update just under a year ago.)
  13. Critters that are flying in opened doorways are considered "confined." This makes them unhappy and glum. I would understand this if the doorway is currently closed, but it even occurs when the doorways are set to open. I have seen it happen to shine bugs in addition to the dense puftlet in this screenshot as well. (I noticed it as it was the puftlet was sleeping in the doorway.) I'm not sure if it happens to critters that walk instead of fly.
  14. Steel should be a "refined" metal, not raw.
  15. I agree... that would be beneficial using WASD. If I may make a different suggestion as well. In the past General/Electrical Engineers used to be above Scientists. Can you put it back this way? That way the line going from General Engineering to Mechatronics does not cross with the Scientists. It means a little bit of a longer line from Tenured Scientist to Astros, but it would be cleaner.