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  1. I realized the 50% mining yields some time ago. At the time, I just figured that in a future build that late game research would eventually be released that would improve the yield. However, now this idea of digger skill seems like a better prospect... or a combination of both. Now, not only is the loss of water a problem, so is the loss of the potential cooling power of the ice mass.
  2. I was considering the sand when I said filtration medium. I left it open ended for later if regolith is ever used.
  3. Personally, I can deal with the issue of no longer having a fixed output on the water sieve. However, I do have a problem with magically adding heat now instead of magically deleting heat. When it comes down to it, a water sieve functions as nothing more than a sand filter and pushing water through it to remove impurities (which are left in the sand creating polluted dirt.) If I start with cold water, or even room temperature water, what does a sieve do to justify that much heat being added? It does create a little heat by actually pumping water... but nothing else about the process creates heat. And is the pumping local on the sieve? After all, we have an actual pump moving water into the sieve... and it creates its own heat (which is significantly less than what the water sieve now creates.) While pumping can justify a small amount of heat added to the machinery, the output water temperature should adjust to a weighted average of the input water, the filtration medium, and the machine temperature. More than that is just as wrong as deleting the heat ever was. There is a caveat, I could understand increasing the heat of the water if the purification process included sterilizing the water instead of just filtering out particulate matter... but in that case, the water sieve should remove germs which currently does not happen. On a different topic, but related, I would ask the devs (who I know rarely respond in the forums) exactly how they expect us to remove heat now? The reasonable conclusion is that all fixed output temperature machines will be removed to get rid of heat deletion. This includes things like the CO2 scrubber (which I understand still does it, but I have not tested it myself.) But logically, it will need extend to everything. I have heard people suggest that you can delete heat by transferring it to hydrogen or to oil/petroleum than have that hot matter removed by converting it to power. Even that will eventually need to be removed, because realistically, that heat will be transferred to the machines or the surrounding air/water in the process. While this may work today, what about tomorrow? How do you prevent the inevitable heat death now of an early base? Especially since you can not rely on having Wheezeworts available and they have recently been hit with a nerf hammer as well. (In some colonies I created, it seem like forever before I even found a wheezwort due to RNG.) It also seems that in the most recent builds that the size of the temperate starting area has shrunk meaning that you now have to crack into a warmer biome sooner rather than later, and there are a lot more hot biomes than there are cold ones. (If the asteroid even has cold biomes, or enough close to you.) It takes a lot of effort and research to get to insulated tiles so that I can keep my base separated from outside temperatures. And once the home area heats up, it takes significant effort to move that heat outside the base, assuming that I live long enough to harvest crops that haven't withered and research that. An early game solution for heat is needed. Especially one that does not require RNG for finding any type of cold geyser or lucking across some wheezworts that you are lucky to find not hidden behind hardened rock that you do need to have an senior level miner to access. What was the point of adding the new molten world if no one is going to be able to actually survive there? I know that it is supposed to be difficult... but being difficult is a lot different than being impossible. Now, it seems like right now on the forums there are two camps... people that are thrilled about the removal of fixed output temperatures and those that are opposed to it. Personally I could have been happy either way... but in light of the removal combined with the nerf of wheezworts, and the smaller starting temperate area, ONI just does not seem like a fun game to me anymore. I have never been just a casual player with over 1000 hours on steam, but I have also never been a hardcore realistic physics or else either. I do have a solution that probably is not to difficult to implement if you are willing... Add a new "Hardcore Mode". Just like "Survival" or "No Sweat." Let it have the new features that the one group has been calling for... and dial back some of the recent nerfs to the survival mode. I don not want to have to play in no sweat, yet I want to have fun and not have to restart a dozen times just to find a cool slush vent in order to survive. Allow me to continue to play the game I have enjoyed over the last 18months+
  4. Priority Management

    This still does not work in QOL MK III. I noticed that the tool has changed in this version, but even with the changes the tool is not as useful as it was in the past. In the past the tool only changed the priority of power systems when the power overlay was selected, or plumbing pipes and pumps when the pipes overlay was selected. IMHO, this was much more useful than just filtering to "Construction Tasks" because I could prioritize which construction tasks, not all of them.
  5. Incubator does not save state

    This is still a problem in QoL MK III
  6. Auto-sweeper stopped sweeping

    I can confirm that this is still happening in Qol MK III. The auto sweeper just stops. The priorities are set properly on the storage and it will start working again after re-loading the game.
  7. Incubator does not save state

    This issue is still happening in QoL MK II
  8. Priority Management

    This is still happening in QoL MK II. Can we please get this fixed and revert back to the old way of using the priority tool?
  9. Yes, I had a similar issue a few months back and learned it was working as intended. A dupe must have the electrical engineering trait in order to build the Heaviwatt Conductives Wires/Joint plates. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni/cant-build-heaviwatt-wire-r11815/?tab=comments
  10. In the screenshots, you can see Nikola wearing his exosuit immediately before singing a lullaby to the egg in an incubator. As soon as the animation of him hugging the incubator begins, his exosuit helmet disappears. (And it returns when he leaves the incubator.)
  11. When an incubator loads from a saved game, the "CONTINUOUS" button is always reset to be checked even if it was turned off in prior to the last save.
  12. Priority Management

    In previous ONI updates, the priority tool worked better. When using the tool, clicking on a tile makes everything in that tile the chosen priority. That is still the case. However, when looking at just ventilation, or just plumbing, automation, etc, when using the priority tool it used to affect only the displayed system. i.e. when looking at plumbing systems, the priority tool would only change the priority on pipes or plumbing related items. Now it changes the entire tile. IMO, it was a much more versatile tool in the past and the loss of functionality is crippling.
  13. What is this null tile?

    What is the tile under the mouse pointer in the screen shot? (Just above the vending machine.) Even a vacuum would have a tool tip, but this tile does not. There is no tooltip for the tile and you can not click on it. It may be similiar to the fog of war, especially seeing how it is in a POI of the vending machine. But a fog of war should have been removed... I rummaged through the vending machine already, and I deconstructed the security door. (A few tiles to the left of the vending machine, the copper is still on the ground.) The Space Sewer.sav
  14. I think this is related... I was going to post a new topic when I saw yours... I have a room that I just created for slicksters. The room is enclosed and I put some air flow tiles on the top to allow excess CO2 to escape. However, as shown by my screenshots, there is no equilibrium, the CO2 in the room has about 2k pressure in each tile, while the tiles above the air flow tiles on the top of the room have a pressure of roughly 400. By contrast, the pressure in the tiles below the mesh at the bottom is also 2k; so it appears that mesh tiles are allowing airflow.
  15. This has been happening as long as I remember and has been reported previously. My "guess" is that it is Working as Intended or just not important enough to track down. Theoretically it can be exploited to get someone with stats that you want by reloading the game until you get someone good; but most of the time it is not worth the hassle of reloading the game... just wait 3 days for new choices. (And honestly, once you have played long enough, most people are usable if not ideal, especially since the Occupation update just under a year ago.)