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Visual Bug in Expressive Update

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Hey, I'm running Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 (gnome variant) and since the update I get strange square visual glitches in the menu. Kind of hard to select things. It stops if I alt-tab out of the window and is not visible in the game itself.

Steps to Reproduce
In the menu.

User Feedback

I have the same issue.  With some additional details.

Ubuntu 18.04 with cinnamon desktop.

Nvidia drivers 390.48

Graphics glitching also appears on the load game dialog box. With text unreadable.

Glitching is most apparent on the welcome splash and main menu. Game play is unaffected.

Glitching dissapears on main menu when the game is in the background. for example when firefox is the front most window, the glitching is gone , even on the main menu. The same happens when the load game dialog is opened. the glitching on the main menu almost entirely dissapears, while the load game dialog is heavily glitched.


2 screencaps showing mild glitching attached.


choose files... Click to choose files

Screenshot 2018-07-27 09:36:51.png

Screenshot 2018-07-27 09:40:50.png

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I can't reproduce with the NVidia blob (396.26).

Maybe attach your Player.log file (~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen\ Not\ Included/Player.log)

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Having same problem on debian testing. Nvidia drivers 390.67. Attaching Player.log and screenshot from menu (I wasn't able to get screenshot showing glitch in-game - printscreens was looking just fine, so I used my phone).



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I had a look at boronar's play.log and we are both using 1920x1200 displays.  So I tested the game at different resolutions.

all resolutions in windowed mode have relatively minor glitching in the bottom quarter of the display.

All lower resolutions in full screen mode are glitch free.

These resolutions in full screen mode produce severe glitching.

1920x1080 , 1600x1200 , 1920x1200.

I observed that changing to any of the 3 glitchy resolutions  does NOT change the positioning or scale of the controls. They all appear to set the screen to 1920x1200.

Are you providing a fixed size array for display capabilities for the gl context?, as the 3 glitchy resolutions are the last 3 on the resolution menu. In my case there are 21 resolutions to choose from.


Also if you select either 1920x1080 or 1600x1200 resolution, confirming that the selected res has a check make next to it, then if you  try to select 1920x1200 the game will NOT let you apply that selection, the same as if you tried to apply an unchanged resolution. you can apply changes from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 or 1600x1200 but nothing happens on screen.

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Problem persists with Gnome, Cinnamon and icewm desktops.

Graphics problem was NOT present in Cosmic update.

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