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Vacuum slimelung bomb still an issue

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Somewhere in the backlog of tickets, there was a fix for the slimelung bombs that we were getting.  Well, new map, new save... old issue.  Save Attached

5ba43af0e7de3_Slimelungbomb.JPG.0ce76ee28a26671bd19396eb0d1e9ff7.JPGLT - C53 Cycle 61.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I have no idea, this just keeps happening. Really hurts in Miserable infection rates.

User Feedback

I can confirm that this is still a major issue in new worlds/seeds and maps. 

Is there any way to deal with it for now? Because this will completely ruin my base. 


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I've not come across this myself yet. 


However have you tried using debug mode? Either use the paint tool to paint germ free vacuum (this will reveal the whole astroid).

Or use instant build (ctrl+F4) to build blocks in the space then deconstruct them. The latter is what I would try first as this to me is the least immersion breaking. This may need to be completed whilst un paused to allow for the vacuum to be destroyed.

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I have also encountered this issue. One of my tiles has a billion slime lung germs in it. I wonder how quickly a dupe would die from it...


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