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  1. It was the power messing up when I tested, I was assuming that having a gas shutoff open still counted the output and the pipe continuation to both be available which would still be an intersection, but it looks like it correctly forces air only to the output as if the other way wasn't available. Thanks for the solution!
  2. The example you attached has a 50% chance of not filtering gas because of how intersections work. Run it for a bit, and watch natural gas occasionally go past your filter. But I get what you are saying about the input now, as long as the input pipe has a chance to be filled even if the shutoff is closed, there's no way to make this work, which is probably why they made the non-automation based gas filter.
  3. incorrect how? gas test2.sav here's an example with an added not-gate so that gas can only flow the correct direction, which also doesn't work
  4. Old issue, still present in new QOL 3 save gas test.sav
  5. Vacuum slimelung bomb still an issue

    There may be a precedent for this...
  6. Here is a save where it happens consistently. I think it happens when the duplicant is idle, so they have no reason to continue moving after they get into the tube. To reproduce, move a dupe to the top station, when they go back to base for O2 they get stuck until you move them or they get a task to do. Hovel.sav
  7. Basically, a custom version of a "gas filter" cannot be created with gas shutoffs and element sensors, because despite the automation and valves appearing to usually light up and operate nearly correctly, they either fail to filter, or let incorrect gas through at random. I attached pictures of the setup, all of the extra gas bridges are to make sure the issues aren't being caused by backwards flow. The Needy Moonbase.sav